I made this video because quite frankly I’m tired of looking at these people that appear to be “super-duper tactical” on the Range or while shooting. It’s really a sad sight to see and the reason why is because they are literally standing straight up as they Extract, Draw and shoot their firearm. Of course, they look fast, and they are supposed to be because they are half-assing it (respectfully).


But I urge you to examine the conditions in which they are firing in and put that into perspective – respectively. This is not to mention the fact that the camera is zoomed in and tight cropped so many times it doesn’t show the entirety of the techniques that they are using nor the environment that they are shooting in.


Contrastingly in real life, shooting like that doesn’t work. Again, I say let’s keep this and everything else in perspective; when you first Extract and then Draw your firearm, your Stance serves another purpose other than you simply being able to shoot the firearm correctly.


Your Stance plays a vital role in your balance, your ability to defend/offend and maintain firearm retention. It also serves as a way for you deploy other techniques should your firearm incur a Malfunction of some kind. Simply put, your Stance is your “springboard” – so use it. As stated in the video no one fights “standing straight up”. So, my question is why would you fire a gun like that?


With that being said, cut out the “super-duper tactical” crap and get “real” and serious about your training.



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