Floor Work. Remember to train on as many topics on Shooting Mechanics as possible.


One of the things that I rarely see practiced in the Gun Game is Floor Work. What I mean by this is that I don’t really see people practicing Shooting Mechanics from the floor. There’s is a lot of invaluable data points that can be taken away from exercises such as this. This is not to say that no one is doing exercises similar to this, but what I’m getting at is that they are rarely seen doing so.


The beauty of engaging in Floor Work is that it allows the Practitioner to “freestyle”; meaning that there are no specific rules to follow on how or when one should execute any movements. Hence this is what makes the exercises fluid. All movements that are executed are left totally up to the Practitioner. Another thing that Floor Work does is that allows the Practitioner to obtain different perspective in terms of offering how various firing positions may have to be modified in order to facilitate a successful shot.


It should also be noted that when using this exercise that the Practitioner takes notice how the Sight Alignment and the Sight Picture not only changes with the shot, but they must also take into consideration how shooting from unconventional shooting positions may positively or negatively affect shot placement.


It should be known that major changes are not to be made unless the Practitioner is deficient in having the necessary Shooting Mechanics needed to successfully complete the exercise. However, outside of that the Practitioner may find that there could be a lot of small changes that must be made, and those small changes add up over time.


What also accelerates the rate of modification needed to facilitate a successful shot while both performing Floor Work and a live application is when there are other weapons systems involved. For example, if a Practitioner engages in Floor Work while deploying a rifle and pistol or for the EDA/ECK™ Practitioner who utilizes dual weapon systems Floor Work is really something to consider as adding to your training protocols.


Floor Work can be as basic or as complex as you want it to be. Be sure to use the Shooters Imagination™ while practicing Floor Work as it makes things interesting. So, with that being said, find a floor, get comfortable and start training.



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