Special thanks to Urban Sharp Shooter Chapter President of Houston Texas

Richard Thomas and his daughter Jayla Thomas


I have to say that there is no bigger honor in the world than to work with a First-Time Shooter. For me it just the sheer excitement of seeing their wheels turn and their light bulb come on often for the first time that makes me feel like no other. But even more than that, First-Time Shooters possess something that is very special, it is something that many “Seasoned Shooters” seem to lack or let diminish over time.


That something is “Inquisitiveness”. Its like so many of them have forgotten what it’s like to ask questions, no matter how big or how small. They more often than not allow their ego to stand in front of them; but it really negatively impacts their ability to adapt to and learn new skills. Hence, this blocks the learning process in its totality. However, this not only hurts them as a Learner but, it adversely effects the person providing the advice, directions, instruction or in my case consultation and education.


For one to be inquisitive about how things work especially down to it's most seemingly insignificant parts is what makes children the natural born Scientist that they are. Adults in contrast, for many reasons have seem to have lost that natural urge and when it comes to the Gun Game it is significantly magnified.

Special thanks to Urban Sharp Shooter Chapter President of Houston Texas

Richard Thomas and his daughter Jayla Thomas


You will know that someone has lost that urge when they criticize others. You see it when they attempt to put other people down. You see it when they pass undue judgment on to people and fail to not only be sensitive but empathetic to peoples needs. You see it when people lack the confidence to be who they really are. They're not only afraid to express themselves, but they suppress other people's opportunity to express themselves - even when it comes to being behind the gun in a controlled setting. You see it when people seek the approval of others in order to act on their own instincts, ambitions, dreams, thoughts and actions.


So with that said, I urge those of you that have the courage, that whenever you pick up the gun while training that you let the First-Time Shooter out in you. Train yes, but I want you to ask questions that range from the most "basic" to the most "complex".  This is how you learn. Last but not least, I want you explore as many shooting options as possible. when you do that it will not be long before you reach your point of Self-Actualization.


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