Look here as a Firearm Education and Training Consultant I’m going to say this one time.











There simply no if and or buts about it. The reason as to why I say this is because I’ve never in 10 years seen a defective holster from them from all the people that I have encountered that use their holsters on a daily basis. This is not to say that there can’t be a defective holster somewhere in the world because we have to face the fact that the manufacturing of holsters from any company (or any manufacturing company for that matter) has at least a 5% margin of error when it comes to a holster being deemed as “defective”.


To answer your question – NO BLACKHAWK! is not cutting me a check to speak positively about their products unlike most of these people in the Gun Game. With that being said I can firmly hold the position that the BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holster System is the Gold Standard” of all modern-day holsters. Let’s not deny that fact (don’t even try it). I think I was back when I was a young guy back in 2004 (I miss those days) I remember looking at all the manufactures I could when I purchased my first pistol.

Some of the manufactures I looked at were some of the biggest names at the time in terms of making holsters (i.e. Safariland, Uncle Mikes, Fobus, Bianchi, Galco as well as many others). However, out of all of the Holster Manufactures I took the time to look at hardly any of them at the time offered what BLACKHAWK! Had to offer. This is why I can hold the position that the BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holster is the Gold Standard of Contemporary Holsters.


Now let me address another thing that people like to use as an excuse to lobby against BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holsters: “They are unsafe.” I have one word for that lazy excuse to train on this holster system:




Why do I say this? Because there are so many people out there that simply have no discipline when it comes to keeping their damn finger off the trigger. You simply cannot blame a product that you do not know how to handle properly. If the product is found to be in perfect operating condition then that blame all goes back to the operator, not the manufacture.


Over theyears ive heard all kinds of stories ranging from: “oh if arock gets into the mechanism it doesn’t work.” Or “if you get sand in it it doesn’t work.” Two words:



You’re a grown ass man/woman. Take care of your shit and it will take care of you. I’m simply not buying the excuses. Furthermore, for those “Instructors” out there making the statement: “I don’t want to see a Serpa Holster in my class.” Kick rocks, A lot of you aren’t doing anything worth much while in your classes that will aid in facilitating a malfunction with ANY holster on the market. So STOP IT.


With that being said, I have taken the time out to cut a video demonstrating at least one way out of a few on how to execute an Extraction and Draw with a BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holster. Take the time out to learn, take notes and feel free to re-watch it as many times as you need so that you have not only a clear understanding how to work the BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holster but how to get over your imaginary concerns of it being a sub-par holster.


I’m wishing all the luck and success to BLACKHAWK! and their Products, keep up the great work.


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