I practice Flow Drills because I have a Martial Arts background, and if you know anything about Martial Arts then you would know that the majority of systems in Martial Arts utilize Kata as a way to practice fighting techniques. The Flow Drills that I use are identical to the Kata that Martial Artist utilize.


Understand something about Kata, for people who do not practice Martial Arts this may be a turning point for them, for they just may gain a little knowledge here. Kata is not about a bunch of mumbo jumbo or a bunch of air punching techniques that someone just decided to make up. Understand something, Kata contains at least three different levels of perception/analysis or what is known to Martial Artist as” Bunkai”.

The first level of Bunkai speaking plainly is a “what you see is what you get”. What I mean by this is that s punches and kick can be taken literally and within context.

The second level of Bunkai speaking plainly where we actually apply the techniques being used in the Kata with human subjects. Punches and kicks will bethrown towards the Attacker and Defender (Tori and Yuki).

The third level of Bunkai will consist of even more applied techniques but will also incorporate “hidden techniques”.

For some people there is a fourth level – but I will not cover that here.

I would also like for you to understand that in many instances many countries and Providences where conquered and ruled over by neighboring and rival countries and Providences. So, when the victor of the war between the countries and or Providences won, often times the natives that loss and lived there were not allowed to practice any kind of fighting arts or “Martial Arts”. This was done because the ruling country or providence wanted to suppress any kind of insurrection or resistance from their Subjects.

When this occurred many systems of Martial Arts were lost. But of those that did survive the fighting techniques were preserved in the form of dance and theater. In addition, since many nations that were conquered where disarmed and could not carry or use the weapons that they usually would carry they had to “alternative weapons” that in time because the “new traditional” weapons.


Keep in mind that many of the countries that were conquered during that time where Agricultural Societies. So, with that bin said many of the farming tools that they had access to became weapons. In doing this many Martial Artists were able to pass down their techniques without being detected.

Fast forward to today in terms of Flow Drills. The Flow Drills that I use is the “Kata” for Gun-Fighters and Civilian Operator™ and these Flow Drills are centered on the same premise. What I mean by this is that I incorporate all three levels of Bunkai in conjunction with something I call the Shooters Imagination™. The Flow Drills that I utilize are meant to build fluidity, economy of motion, multi-level engagements, multi-positioning, multiple weapon systems and so much more. With the use of Flow Drills, the sky is the limit. As always be safe out there. 


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