After talking to two people regarding one of this week’s articles entitled: "KNOWLEDGE | LEONARD ROSS - PREJUDICE & FIREARM INSTRUCTORS", I've decide that I’m going to pull that particular article for two reasons. The first being that I obtained the wrong image of Leonard Ross when I Googled him, and the second reason is because I have a big respect for Todd Berry who is the actual owner of the School.


When I spoke to Todd Berry I told him exactly what your reading right now:


"Todd out of respect for you I will pull the article, because your very good at what you do, and I really appreciate you and what you do. Your cool but your partner is not."


That's a direct quote from the conversation Todd Berry and I had when I spoke with him over the phone. I want you to understand something, for one to be prejudice against anyone because of some rumor that they have heard, especially from some people that they don’t even known then bring that prejudice which is based on a misguided premise in a business setting where people are paying their money to learn is simply unacceptable.


What was strange about this whole experience was that even though Leonard Ross (Todd Berry’s partner) dislikes me based on internet heresy - he actually showed with his personal approval a video to the class of another guy who trains his students exact same fashion as I do. Unbelievable well believe it.


So, in closing my position still stands: Todd Berry’s great educator, well rounded, experienced in the field and is a great businessman – Leonard Ross not so much. This is based not on what I heard but of what I have empirically seen and experienced with my own two eyes. Several students in the class can bear witness to this fact as they felt some kind of way about the unprofessional and off topic comments and not so good treatment I experienced.


Remember prejudice is defined as:


“A preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.”


Leonard Ross is guilty of that. How? Because I never been to Texas, I just got here, and he treated differently than he would have normally treated had he been taught not to like me.


Be safe out there see you in the next article.



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