What a gun shot to the face may look like - its never pretty.

So today I was taking a Level 4 for class for Executive Protection and Close Protection Officers in the state of Texas. I have to admit they do things very different in Texas, but that’s OK! I actually kind of like the way they do things here (for the exception of Conceal Carry). But there was a debate that occurred within the course; and that debate was "Shooting with Morality". Now, by now as you all know I speak alot about Gun-Fighting and I have introduced you to the concept of the Civilian Operator™. So, there are certain rules, regulations, and laws that may be different than what you are used to.

See the Gun-Fighter, lives only for the fight. His or her only objective is to train, understand and apply Gun-Fighting Techniques from the perspective of Gun-Fighting - nothing more and nothing less. In short, their goal is to win the fight. For the Civilian Operator™ their goal or their objective is to be proficient not only in the use of firearms for Personal Protection but to be competent in other skills whether it be technical or academic so those technical and or academic skills become transferable skills. For the Civilian Operator™ these transferable skills will augment not only their shooting ability by giving them a certain kind of insight, but these transferable skills allow them to be a force multiplier in the field or their Area of Operation. 


I know that last sentence is a mouthful. But none-the-less it was something that needed to be said in order for me to articulate the acute differences between the Gun-Fighter and the Civilian Operator™. Going back to Shooting with Morality, unless you are a Police Officer, Military Personnel or have some sort of distinctive shooting protocol and or standard that must be followed; meaning that someone or some governing body says you MUST shoot Center Mass, then you DO NOT HAVE TO SHOOT CENTER MASS. yeah, I said it.


Understand something, a shot to the Center Mass of a Subject that is actively trying to kill you within 2 or 3 meters will more than likely NOT stop them. When the Subject is within that 2 or 3-meter range (with some exceptions beyond that) you have to get your Onyx on and “Shut’em Down”. What I mean by “Shut’em Down” is that you must shut down the Subject’s CNS (Central Nervous System). This is also known as the “T-Zone”.

Let’s be specific when I’m speaking about the T-Zone. The T-Zone is an area of the body that consist of the Cranial Cavity, Throat, and Spine. This pretty much means anything that runs along down the "Centerline" of the human body. During my recent week-long class here in Texas, the "Instructor" (I use that term loosely) stated that “It is immoral to shoot someone in the head or face”. During the class I raised the bullshit flag in my head sky high.


Moreover, as a Civilian there is not a law in existence that states specifically that you cannot shoot someone in the head or face if you deem that your life is in immediate danger. Notice I didn't say the life of another - I want you to use your judgement on that as all VODA Clients know and understand my position on shooting on the behalf of someone else.


To shoot with “morality” (whatever that is) in regard to shooting someone in the head or face is nothing more than another unneeded step in the OODA Feedback Loop Cycle. That’s right; remember the OODA Feedback Loop Cycle is based upon efficiency in decision-making so that you may reach your end goal. So, the less you have to "think" and" evaluate" the faster you can cycle throught the OODA Feedback Loop process thus, your response will be faster when that time comes to fight for your life. This is not to say that you should'nt "think" about your actions and the ramifications of your actions - no!


You should think about the ramifications of your actions. However, you should think about the ramifications of your actions prior to getting being in a shooting engagement in which your life must be defensed AT ALL COST. and I do mean AT ALL COST.


Besides there is nothing "moral" about taking a life. In fact, there is nothing moral about causing pain and damage to another human being whether it be physical, emotional or psychological. I hope this gives you something to think about. So, with that being said if you are going to be damned - be damned all the way. In a Gun-Fight in which you are defending your life - fuck morality. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the law.


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