Bug Out Bag #1

Its been a while… the reason for that is because I recently moved to Texas. That’s right TEXAS (don’t mess with Texas)! Its been a week since I’ve been here and of course like with any move there is going to be a period of transition. However, I’m not going to let this transition stop me from training, as well as providing consulting when it comes from firearm education and training.

Bug Out Bag #2

So, on this day (Sunday June 10th) I was invited to train with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club here in Texas. Now through my brother and President of the Urban Sharp Shooters I have heard a lot about HPNGC and the positive things that they have been doing for the communities across this nation in which they live.

Huey P. Newton Gun Club Basic Hand to Hand pt1

Now being a fast-paced city guy (Chiraq), I have to say that it was a real pleasure to engage in their Bug Out Survival Training at one of Texas’s many State Parks. Even more than that I was definitely on the lookout for snakes (no matter what kind or size they were) and those wild hogs that have deemed a public nuisance. Just to let you know you can hunt them for roughly $100 dollars a tail (great way to pay off those Student Loans we all worried about)!

Huey P. Newton Gun Club Basic Hand to Hand pt2

Anyways the hike was great, nice and hot just the way I like it. Did I mention that I kinda saw an alligator too?! They are always fun to look at (emphasis on LOOK AT – from a DISTANCE). But what this particular portion of the Bug Out Survival Training taught me was to not only appreciate nature in all its glory but to be aware of things that are within my environment as it pertains to survival should I ever need to “Bug Out” into the wilderness for whatever reason.

 Field Guide Shawn from HPNGC

HPNGC Team Tracking together

Our Field Guide, Shawn of the HPNGC was exceptionally knowledgeable about which plants, nuts, berries and herbs are actually editable and even more importantly which ones are not! What was even more relevant to me was the fact that he took the time out to enlighten us on several Snake Holes that we were walking around. I also liked and appreciated the fact that Shawn from the HPNGC had a very keen eye for picking upon various animal tracks such as the coyote tracks that laid on our walking path.

 Cousin to the Cilantro Herb

A Grape Vine.

See I’m a Tactician, an Urban Gun-Fighter – not a Survivalist (yet). I know my lane, so I stay in it. However, I was very happy to be informed about the following things that are deemed as the basic necessities for living for extended periods of time in the wilderness should I ever have to “Bug Out”.  The most basic and out right essential things anyone needs to stay alive are the following:


  • SALT







Again, this basic information is very enlightening in hindsight bias. Even though I had somewhat of a vague idea of what might be needed should I have to Bug Out, I was nowhere as enlightened as Shawn from the HPNGC. Moving on past the actual hiking portion of our Bug Out Survival Training. Each member of the  HPNGC took the time out to kinda “show-and-tell” what they carried in their Bug Out Bag (BOB).


Some of the items that they decided to carry ranged from ponchos, First Aid Kits and various types of sanitation means and tools. Flint/Magnesium fire starting tools, to tampons and pads. From firearms to common tools to portable stoves to flashlights. From entrenching tools to portable energy generators. Of course, as you should know BOB’s (Bug Out Bags) can be as extensive or as minimalistic as you want.

 A Honey Suckle, great for sugar intake in the field

Water Filtration Device.

The last thing that was covered on their Bug Out Survival Training to do list was light hand to hand combat training. It was good to see that the members of the HPNGC actually worked together in a joint effort to ensure that each member of their cell had the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to survive in the wilderness should they ever have the need to Bug Out – again for whatever reason. What was also refreshing to see was the fact that the members of this particular cell of the HPNGC all had open hearts and open minds when it came to empty hand combat training.

 Insect repellent a must for a BOB (Bug Out Bag).

Rescue Blanket for Improvised Tents and for Shock Victims - great for much more.

I say this because not only did they train in preparation for knife attacks, they also forwarded me the opportunity to engage in empty hand combat with the Lead Guide Shawn. For me and the Guide Leader of the cell Shawn, it was not about who can “beat the other”. For us it was more of a kind of way for use to physically converse with each other through an exchange medium called “combat/sparring (lightly)” so that we could get a feel for each other position and cognition on different things as it pertained to empty hand combat.

Oatmeal always needed.

If you've been in the Military you should know what this is (Entrenchment Tool).

My shooting system EDA/ECK™ was definitely apart of the equation just as much as Shawn’s knife training portion was. It was really an enlightening experience. My only regret was that the BlackPackerz whom of which are based in Atlanta GA, where not there to take part in the training and provide their insight as well. That truly would have been something to really observe.

 Poncho (Great for making a Hooch).

Gotta keep one.

In closing, I want to sincerely thank the members of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club for inviting out and being a part of their Bug Out Survival Training event. It was a very enlightening experience and I only hope to have the opportunity to do it again. I have to say that its nothing like watching African American People (and people of color in general) taking charge of their own lives and destiny in world full of hate, prejudice, injustice and discrimination. I want to also give special thanks to the General of the Huey P. Newton Gun club Brother Baba Omowale (Facebook) for pioneering and spearheading this Gun Club – can’t wait to see you at the Shooters Summit here in Texas.

 Para-cord great for various uses and acts a weapon.

Great for fire.

For more information on the Huey P. Newton Gun Club please feel free to look them up on Facebook. For more information on the BlackPackerz (Facebook) make sure you reach out to “Sly” and Tarik Akil Livingstone on Facebook. If you wish to get in contact with the Urban Sharp Shooters get in touch with James McKoy on Facebook. You already know how to touch down with me, so do it.



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