Last week while in Atlanta I filmed the RAPID RELOAD DRILL™. The RAPID RELOAD DRILL™ is not about “being fast” per se. Instead this drill is about building Shooting Mechanics through a high rate of repetitive tasks in order to build “Muscle Memory”. As stated in the video, “Muscle Memory” is not built through the mere committing of a physical act. The development of Muscle Memory is predicated on the building and construction of the neurological pathways of the Brain which connects and enhances the Brain-Body Response. This is how we obtain “Muscle Memory”.


The RAPID RELOAD DRILL™ is also predicated on the retaining the Magazines (Tactical Reloads) and not the dropping of the Magazine from the Magazine Well (Combat Reloads). The reason for this is because what we are looking to facilitate here in the exercising of Cognition as it relates to Hand Eye-Coordination for the Operator of the weapon system. This in turn induces or adds a slight level of stress onto the Shooter/Operator.


If you take notice in the video in which I performed this Drill with a respirator on (Elevation Mask) set to its highest setting (18,000 ft); it [Elevation Mask] also compounds the level of stress that the Operator of the weapon system has to manage and or overcome in order to remain effective within the course of fire for the duration of the Drill.


Another thing you could possibly add to the RAPID RELOAD DRILL™ is the introduction of physical exercise and or in combination with low lighting to further increase not only the level of stress onto the Operator but to enhance the totality of the Operators experience when preforming this drill. Use the Shooters Imagination™ in order to accomplish this!


For more information please feel free to contact me via email at or simply hit my pager at the following number: 910-604-6986.



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