As you well know by now I’m a Sociologist, and in being a Sociologist I can’t help but to infuse my academic discipline into the everything I love - let’s face it Sociology is everything (trust me on that). Even more than that I wish to inform you that this article will be focusing on the sociological concept of "McDonaldization" as coined by George Ritzer as it applies to the Gun Game. 


It is my position that the use of this sociological term will help aid you in further understanding as to why I train in the fashion that I do. With that being said, like the original premise of "The McDonaldization of Society", the Gun Game inherently incorporates the same variables that are found in the world of George Ritzer. The variables of McDonaldization of the Gun Game are as follows:







Sociologist  George Ritzer (Coined the term McDonaldization in his 1993 book entitled

"The McDonaldization of Society is a 1993"



Efficiency is everything right? Maybe not in this sense. The classes that most Firearm Instructors provide are centered around being efficient for them (the Instructor) and not for you (Student/Client). There are many Firearm Instructors that rely too heavily on videos and digital media and either do not have or possess really weak interpersonal skill that transfer over to weak or non-existent teaching skills.


Furthermore, the issue with "Teaching Efficiency" is that it does not leave any room for the Student to explore other options that may be available to them. In addition to that, the conflict of time scheduling comes into play. What I mean by this it that many of the Clients that I have served over the years have informed me that the instructor that they had only sought to rush them through the training. Meaning that the Firearm Instructor either did not take the time out to thoroughly go into depth about the training topics or didn’t not even cover certain topics. This is especially true when it came to providing instruction on the aspect of law.


Let’s face it some people need more help than others! There no getting around this fact. Even more than that, it has also been reported to me that many people that go through training are often rushed or socially passed through when it comes to actually pressing the trigger to "qualify" during the shooting portion of their training. When actions such as these occur it only sets the Student up for failure because the Firearm Instructor passed them for the sake of time as a way to fit them into their teaching or instructional time. 



When I speak of control I’m speaking about control in the sense that many of the Firearm Instructors are only teaching to a certain standard. I want you to understand something, just because something is defined as “the standard” doesn’t mean that you are getting the best of the best. I say this because in many training classes that I have actually sat in the "standard" is so low, I really don’t really understand why the governing body over the training program would even utilize such a low measure of training when it comes to the deployment of a firearm for SD (Self-Defense). 


This is why I made the switch long ago, way before the revocation of my credentials (by a Hater) from being a Firearm Instructor to a Firearm Educator. Many people ask me what the difference is, and I simply tell them this:


"A Firearm Instructor only teaches what they are allowed to teach - their job is to maintain a certain "bar". A Firearm Educator on the other hand is one that can change the level of the "bar" at will; we have the power to rewrite the rules, add, subtract, disregard or modify what’s being taught to enhance the learning process so that those being taught can obtain and better retain what they are being educated on." - Lucien R. Black™ of VODA Inc.



When examining the phenomena of Calculability, I’m speaking about the lack of a system to actually determine what the Student is actually retaining and not retain in terms of the training that they are paying their hard-earned money for. Many Firearm Instructors have no system in place to accurately make a determination to what level their Students are able to make sense out of the information that is set in front of them.


When you really examine this issue, this make the Firearm Instructor nothing more than an over glorified Notary. Also, it has been reported to me many times that many Students sit inside of these firearm classes and have absolutely no idea what the Instructor is talking about. 


There are a lot of reasons for this. However, the biggest reason is because many Firearm Instructors either cannot make pick up on when a Student is lost, intimidated, fatigued or maybe reluctant or afraid to ask a question that will aid them in retaining and understanding the training material at hand. 



Nearly everyone (Firearm Instructors) teach the same. It’s like many of them lack either the motivation or the skill of independent or original thought. Again, it has been reported to me numerous times that the instruction sounded more prescript than anything else. Besides, many Firearm Instructors not having any original though or flair they teach the same thing that ever other Firearm Instructor teaches - and in doing so it places the Student at a very big disadvantage.


Remember the Career Convict is not stupid - they just make really bad decisions! in understanding that, don’t you think that the Career Convict will think of ways to get around your training? I know I have - I will Red Cell a training program in a minute! Remember, if you do the same thing everyone else does you will most likely lose the same way everyone else does. Could this be a reason as to why most "trained" people lose gun-fights to someone who has no experience? I digress.



I think that George Ritzer said it the best when it comes to articulating the Irrationality of Rationality, he said:


"Most specifically, irrationality means that rational systems are unreasonable systems. By that I mean that they deny the basic humanity, the human reason, of the people who work within or are served by them." - George Ritzer


I’ll say this, if you think as a Policy Maker, Firearm Instructor or Student think that an 8-hour class (or one day class) is going to give you everything you need, you have other issues that need to worked out and you have no business writing policy and or firearm training programs and or owning a firearm for Personal Protection. For the solution concerning this point, making make sure you book a session and come and see me. There is a reason why I do everything I do when it comes to training.



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