Civilian Operator™ | Building Clearing at work - (blind) no rehearsal/one take/no retakes


So, you want to clear rooms and building structures huh? OK. The first thing you need to know is that when it comes to clearing building structures there is a lot that you have to consider. From a position of Law-Enforcement, one should take the time out to study the blueprints of the building in order to get the best possible picture of what you are dealing with when it comes to negotiating the task of clearing a building. However, any real Tactician will know and understand that you will most likely not have the luxury of time to complete that task of studying a blueprint of a building.


Instead, the Tactician or in this case the Civilian Operator™ will know and understand that you will be most likely alone when it comes to clearing a building (or even rooms). I say this because more than likely there will be no blueprints available to you that will be delivered while your “in the moment”. Secondly, the Tactician and or the Civilian Operator™ will also know that you will more than likely not have access to a team to aid you in the task of clearing a building structure.


The reason why I decided to make these two videos and shoot them in the fashion that I did was because I really wanted you (the viewer) to see what I see from a First-Person Point of View. Additionally, I also made it a point to not pre-stage the video or walk through the site because I really wanted to be fully unaware of what could have or would be inside. I wanted each turn, door, window, smell, and obstacle to be a surprise for me (as well as you).


There are a few keys that I wish to leave you with when it comes to clearing building structures. They are as follows:


  • You will most likely be alone

  • There is no way to plan a perfect plan

  • Watch for Flammables and other Hazardous Materials

  • Do not break door planes without being fully committed (Fatal Funnel)

  • Keep your cool as much as possible

  • Do not panic

  • In low-light or darkness like the Ghetto Boys “your mind will play tricks on you”

  • Stay away from windows

  • Know the difference between Cover and Concealment (and exploit their weakness and strengths)

  • Clear the corner nearest to you

  • The wall is your best friend find one and “hug it” (it will guide you)

  • Don’t rush but don’t linger (keep moving)

  • Adjust your aggressiveness to the Threat Level

  • Check your six (behind you)

  • [DEPENDENT] Exit the room the same way you came (if you can)

  • Clear weapon malfunctions and load all weapons before you negotiate the next section (room, building) in the clearing process


Of course, there is more but remember you have to take the time out to train for it.


Furthermore, I would like to point out the fact that I decided to run the building clearing process while wearing a respirator apparatus. To facilitate that I used an Elevation Training Ask set to the highest setting of 18,000 feet. The elevation training mask was essential to this kind of training (as its always been with my training) because it allows me and my clients to mimic wearing a gas mask, the modification of rifle stock placement, stamina, breathing under stress, and the introduction of further stress onto me (in this case) and the clients that I train.  I also wanted to mention that I decided to use one of my SIRT Pistol for the illustration of shots placed and location (IT [training pistols] DO NOT REPLACE TRAINING WITH A REAL GUN).


It should also be brought to your attention that room and building clearing at night or in low light situations will play tricks on your eyes. What I mean by this is that because of the disruption or and loss of input/output data your brain with attempt to fill in the missing data points within the environment and in doing this in conjunction with Bio-Chemical Deviations, is when and where you will find that would will become more sensitive to shadows and other things within your battle-space. Another thing that people tend to not observer are the ceilings. This is important because depending on your environment there can and will most likely be subjects that attempt to capitalize on the height advantage afforded to them.


Another thing that I want to “shed some light on” is that know when to take advantage of the light and the dark when clearing buildings. In order to decide on which will play out in your favor consider these two basic variables:


  • Your Premise

  • Your Capabilities

The premise is important because you have to know your role within that environment. Simply put, are you assaulting or not? Also keep in mind that your eyes will have to take time to adjust to the light or the lack thereof. In the case of this video I chose to go towards the lights because as a Civilian Operator™ I just don’t think it’s a good idea to go into the dark like that and not knowing what’s on the other side. This is especially true if you have to deploy a lighting device. I say this because:


“In the dark, light is noise”


Civilian Operator™ | After Action Review of Building Clearing


Some people will argue the opposite, the opposing force can see you. But I would say in either case, whether you choose to move towards the light or the dark, they will see you way before you see them (assuming you not assaulting). So, what that means is that you just have to deal with it when that time comes. In doing so, make it appoint to trust your instincts if they are well developed when it comes to situations like this. So, this is why I chose to work towards the light, then work my way around.


When it comes to capabilities, this is not the time to overestimate your skill-sets. Instead, I would urge you to quickly assess and  reach a conclusion of what actions you can execute under the circumstances that you find yourself. Also this is not the time to experiment, at this point in the game, its about either something works or it doesn't. The reason why I make it a point to say this is because your life and possibly the lives of others is on the line.

With that being said take the time out to watch the second video in which I do a second walk through of the site and take the time out to talk to you guys. Until next time be safe out here.


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