If there’s one thing that I love to administer as a Firearm Education and Training Consultant is a VODA Therapeutic Shooting Session™. I have to say that they mean a lot to me and they mean even more to the Clients in which I serve. For me when I see the building of Shooting Confidence and the overcoming of personal barriers that the Client has - there is no greater feeling of success and vitality. 


In order to administer a VODA Therapeutic Shooting Session™ not only must you have shooting skill, experience, healthy cognitive function, real world experience; you must also have formal training from an academic standpoint and clinical setting. All of these aspects and more will play a very significant role in aiding the Client in the realms of general shooting and the use of a firearm for personal protection. 


Another thing that you must have when dealing with Clients that fall into this demographic is an infinite amount of patients. That’s right, the Client may not “get it over night”, and the Client may not “get it” in a couple of months or even years. But the Client will eventually "get it" at some point. The point at which they will is often very undetermined. the reason as to why the Therapeutic Shooting Sessions™ can last so long is because the first line of treatment may not be sufficient enough to aid a Client in the manner that they need the Therapeutic Shooting Session™ to. 



Another thing that you must also understand is that the length of time of the Therapeutic Shooting Session™ and the frequency in which the Therapeutic Shooting Session™ is administer may be dependent upon if the client requires Second, Third and Fourth Lines of Therapy. With that said, when it comes to having an infinite amount of patients I that you must work from that the premise that no client is unteachable. This of course is if the client is of sound mind and judgment. 


The Therapeutic Shooting Sessions™ and programs that I have created and written are structured to all about the Client. The reason as to why the Therapeutic Shooting Sessions™ are set in the manner that they are is because they are can be and often are very intimate in nature. Many of the things that are discussed, discovered and revealed are very sensitive in nature and are bound by a Consultative Client Privilege. 


This is the point where my detractors will laugh - but nothing could be more further from the truth. There is a reason why the Consultative / Client Privilege exist. Those reasons as to why it exist, I will not get into here but know and understand that it exists and it must be respected in order to maintain the structural integrity of the VODA Therapeutic Shooting Session™.


Moreover, when it comes to possessing the ability to administer Therapeutic Shooting Sessions™, you must understand that therapy its self is an attempt to provide treatment to remedy a pathological or aberrant health or behavioral condition. Therefore, I as a consultative professional have a duty of care to the Clients that I serve in this fashion. 



At this time, I want you to understand something else, in the Gun Game, when it comes to education and training; success is not measured by how many people you train. Instead, success in the Gun Game is measured by the quality of the Shooters that you turn out (in theory). That success consists of requiring the Client to have a firm grasp on the correct knowledge, understanding, skill, attitude, cognition and drive to continue training long after you provided the training. 


In closing I wish to say that if you are not an astute professional DO NOT attempt to administer a Therapeutic Shooting Sessions™ EVER. For if you do you significantly increase the risk of exacerbating the Client’s pathologies. In layman’s terms, a Therapeutic Shooting Sessions™ requires a scalpel not a chainsaw. If you which to book a Therapeutic Shooting Sessions™ please feel free to contact me at the following:


Or feel free to send a text message to my pager (yes I have a pager): 910-604-6986


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