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I thought that it would be a great idea to shed some light on whats going on in Hollywood as well as in the world wide circus known as the Internet. I have been trained and have actually used the Center Axis Relock/C.A.R. System in real since 2009/2010. So, for me the C.A.R. System is nothing new but for many other people that do not think outside of the box the C.A.R. System is actually something new. The one thing I hate is when people make fads out of legitimate training and legitimate tactics


I distinctly remember when people made fun of the C.A.R. System when I first displayed it on camera when I first went public. The question is: “Why are the same people that had all the jokes before are now all of a sudden riding the dick of the fictional charter “John Wick”? But I digress as that is another article for another day.


But even more than that, I want you to understand one thing and that is that it was Paul Castle and NOT the people that created the fictional charter of John Wick who was the first to utilize the C.Q.C./C.Q.B. shooting system that is formally known to the world as Center Axis Relock. As always, I recommend that if you wish to learn the C.A.R. System or any other Shooting or Self-Defense System be sure to actually see someone that can actually teach it and learn directly from them. LOGGING ON TO YOUTUBE SIMPLY DOES NOT CUT IT!


Moreover, stop being lazy, and more importantly stop being Intellectually Lazy. Furthermore stop stealing people’s material and trying to pass it off as your own. Its called plagiarism, theft, infringement, and out right fraud! Again, make sure you seek training on the C.A.R. System or any other Shooting or Self-Defense System from either myself, CEO and Owner Jeff of Natural Tactical or the people of Sabre Tactical located in state of Tennessee.


I swear I wish I had the actual names of the people that are doing this so that I could put them into the light and under a microscope. However until that day I want you as a VODALOGIC Reader to continue to explore, train and stay safe while your out and about in the “Concrete Jungle” known as the Streets.



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