If you have been wondering why there hasn’t been any new material put out in a while is because I have been getting sociological material ready for my college students. As you should well know by now I that Sociology is my first and only love and as a Social Scientist that [Sociology] comes first before anything in the world. However, do not fret. I will not neglect you as a VODALOGIC reader!


I will at this time make it a point to recommended that you take the time out to review the past articles that have been written for they contain critical insight into my train of logic as a Gun-Fighter and Civilian Operator™.

 Moreover, I would also like for you stay tuned for my second book that should be out shortly entitled: “THE OCCULT GUN-FIGHTER AND THE CIVILIAN OPERATOR™”. This is a critical read because it will allow many people the opportunity to see and understand my train of logic but also gain insight into the Gun Game through a different set of lenses so to speak. Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:


  • LAW

  • Shooting Mechanics

  • Shooting & Operation Theory

  • Bio-Mechanics

  • Combat for the Civilian Operator™

  • Hostage & Kidnapping

  • “Ghost Chapters” (if you can find them and decipher it)


So, with that being said, remember to continue to train, study, retrain, re study and re train. Push yourselves pass what you already know so that you are able to explore and discover what you didn’t know. This is Lucien R. Black™ of VODA INC. stay safe out there and remember:


Cognition is key.



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