Thoughts on Security Officers


When it comes to Security Officers there is something that you need to know. The Security Officers actually have more power than the Police Officer. I say this because not only has the Security Officer has been hyper marginalized by society but the Security Officer is a profession that is severely misunderstood. You may be asking yourself the following question:

What does he mean by that?


Well in order to understand the answer you must first understand the single most important difference between a Police Officer and the Security Officer. That difference between the two lies in the premise of their roles. The Police Officer is a reactionary individual and the Security Officer is a proactive individual. In other words, the Police must wait until a crime is committed before he or she acts and the Security Officer has the power to act before a crime is committed.


Don't be like this guy.


The difference in the premise of operation between these two types of Officers one that you should really concern yourself with. As a Sociologist and former High Risk Security Officer I can tell you the public tends to view the Police Officer as a superior Officer because they have Powers of Arrest, they can Charge you and take you to Jail. Police Officers can also carry their firearms anywhere they go amongst a few other things.

Not a good look.


But for those in the know in some states like South Carolina, Security Officers can do just about the same thing that Police Officers can do. This is so because their Security Officers attend the same training course that all Police Officers (S.L.E.D.) in the state of South Carolina attend. That’s right, in states like South Carolina the security guard has Powers Arrest on their duty site and they too carry weapons. However, in the world of the Security Officer, they have their issues just like Police Officers do (and pretty much any profession).

A great look for Corporate Security


The number one issue for the Security Officer is the companies that many of them work for. Simply put most security companies ain’t worth a damn. Remember, I am not talking about the individual Security Officers that work for the company (not yet anyways). But again, I’m speaking in terms of the administrative aspect of the security companies. To be specific I’m talking the low bidding on contracts just to get a contract, the high tolerance of buffoonery from the clients but being overly strict on their Officers. Luckily for me, back in the day I didn’t have these problems, but there were so many Security Officers that were not High Risk Security Officers that did.

Another great look for Security Officers


Now when it comes to the Security Officers themselves as a whole, they too play a role in why the public perceives them in the way that they do. The often sloppy attire, the lack of not taking their job seriously, sleeping on the job and often times the abuse of Authority. These negative attributes enhance the negative perception that people have towards Security Officers. Moreover, it takes away from the Security Officers that are professional, clean, well-groomed and take their jobs seriously.


But there’s another factor that we must also consider, you pay for what you get. If you pay people peanuts, then you get the bottom of the barrel. What’s the bottom of the barrel? People with low expectation, low morale, no skills other than the piece of paper that says they're a Security Officer. You also get the person that doesn’t take their job serious, refuse to show up to work on time, leaves the site without authorization as well as the Security Officers that fail to take any notes for their shift logs and shift reports. Again, if you own a security company pay your Security Officers well.

 What I hate to see Security Officers look like this.


It's 2018 - ALL SECURITY OFFICERS SHOULD BE ARMED. there is no if’s and or buts about it! If you are not armed, then your security officer is not “securing” anything. All the Client needs is a camera and Insurance. I think that this point speaks for itself.


Last but not least here is my very own consultative gripe – I SIMPLY CAN’T STAND TO SEE SECURITY OFFICERS IN THE TRADITIONAL SECURITY OUTFIT (as seen below). Its 2018, Security Personal need to look better than that! And the colors make me want to burn the uniform! Furthermore, stop with the sown on badges, its unsightly and quite frankly it makes the Security Officer looks as if he or she is too incompetent to keep up with their badge so it has to be sown on. Companies either invest in real badges with real numbers on them or simply do away with the badges.


I'm going to write more on this topic in the future.



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