The Triple C's In The Gun Game


Here’s what you need to know. When it comes to the Gun Game there is something called the "Triple C's". Like I stated in the above video: "I’m not talking about narcotics here". Again, what I’m talking about are the following three variables that share a direct correlation between them. Those three variables are as follows:






Whether you would like to admit it or not, these three variables have a tendency to occur not only in the Gun Game but throughout every industry and Organization (Group Dynamics). Why? Because everything is politics. Hence, everything is about power. If it’s not about one gaining or obtaining power, then it's about people exerting power. It’s also about either the concentration of or centralized power or people fighting against a concentration or centralized power. As a Sociologist I understand all too well the Conflict Dynamic, Symbolic Interaction and Structural Functional aspects of power and why so many people seek it but also why many people will never have it.

Depending on who you ask in the Gun Game


Back to the Gun Game, if you ever watch your favorite YouTube Personality or Gun Channel and you observe a Sig Sauer banner in the background for example. You can bet your bottom dollar that Sig Sauer has "donated" or what they would call "invested" in that YouTube Personality to speak well about their product. In the words of Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute:


"Grown-ups call that bribes and pay-offs."


The first variable "Collusion" as it relates to the Gun Game occurs when there exists a secret co-op whose sole purpose is to cheat and or deceive you and the public about their product. Going back to the video, what make a Hera Arms Magazine any better or different than Magpul Magazine? They are both fundamentally the same. They both serve the same purpose. Some might argue that some Magazines have "Windows" and others don't. That may be true on the surface. However, the raw materials of both Magazines are the same. Will there be inferior Magazines - yes. But again, the raw materials that are used are the same and more than likely may come from the same manufacture of polymers.


Another way Collusion takes place in the Gun Game is when people with like interest engage in fear mongering campaigns in order to sell guns. Is the crime rate really going up? Not according to recent statistics. Actually, there is a decrease in crime. However, the same people who engage in colluding the public only do so that they can push out their agendas and products to turn a profit. Remember there is no Law in existence that says the Media must report the truth. Let that sink in.


When it comes to Conspiring, it occurs when people make secret plans to engage in acts that are executed behind the scenes but have manifestations in the public eye. What I mean by this is that unknown people in the Gun Game will decide to execute an action behind closed doors that will result in having a stimulating effect on the public.

Trust No One in the Gun Game


Using myself for example, look at all the hate I get. If you hate what I do for whatever reason, who told you that it’s OK to hate me (or anyone else for that matter)? Obviously, no person of sound mind and judgment can hate something or someone that they have never had contact with or experienced - so how can one exhibit hate towards another person or thing that they never experienced or had? Again, who made that OK?


But when people conspire to influence, change and or outright manipulate the public that should raise not only your eyebrows, but it should prompt you to raise some questions. Going back to using myself as an example. Do you find it odd that when you look at the articles that speak negatively about me and others that these articles seem to nearly mirror each other in the ideas that they are putting out to the public?


Again, any person with sound judgment and logic would inherently know and understand that everything no matter what it is has a positive and negative (Yin Yang) aspect inherently built into it. Thus, you must ask yourself the question. Why don't you ever hear anything positive from my detractors? This is an important concept to understand.

Most people in the Gun Game want to believe


In regard to the above, say this because in order to fully exhibit understanding and mastery over something you must know and be able to argue both the positive and negatives aspect of the thing being discussed. If you can’t do that then you are simply one sided or "unbalanced". Thus, you are biased. Biases are the manifestations of skewed judgment.


The Cabal. The Cabal is the secretly constructed cliques or factions that every industry has. The old saying goes: "like minds do like things". Even more importantly, I would urge you to examine the cliques and the factions that not only people in general align themselves with, but especially watch who people align themselves with in the Gun Game.


Why? Because this is the one-way street to Group Think, Tribalism, the Herd Mentality, the Mob Effect and the By-Stander Effect. All of these Social Pathologies are not only linked but they show a direct correlation between each other. Again, take the time out to examine who your favorite personalities align themselves with.


I would also recommend that you take the time out to perform a self-check to see if you have not been adversely influenced by the Social Pathologies mentioned here. Check your stance on politics, crime, current events, economics and even religion. Are they your positions or are they someone else's? Only you would know.


Remember the Triple C's of the Gun Game.






Observe, Identify, Examine and Decide.


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