Bushnell Pro $35.00 Lumens - Get one.

The Bushnell Pro Flashlight is a Lighting Device (flashlight) that is straight forward in its operation. With a price point of roughly $35.00 (Walmart) you can get your hands on 400 Lumens of lighting power. There are several features that Bushnell engineered into the flashlight. Those features are as follows:


  • Cost Effective $35.00 (Walmart)

  • 400 Lumens (high @ 3 hour,150 minutes)

  • 51 Lumens (low @ 21 hours, 47 minutes)

  • 400 Lumens (strobe @ 4 hours, 150 minutes)

  • 3 lighting modes (high, low, strobe)

  • Momentary on switch with "Intelligence"

  • Electronic Lock Out Dial for storage

  • Removable Pocket Clip

  • 1 meter shock absorbing

  • Uses CR123A

  • Aggressive Grip Texture & Pattern

  • Slim profile

  • 1 Year Warranty

What I liked the most about the Bushnell Pro Lighting Device is the Grip Texture and its aggressiveness in combination to its light weight. Honestly, it feels as if its [flashlight] supposed to be in my hand. I can also say that I have an appreciation for the Removable Clip that comes with this lighting device. The reason for that is because it allows me the flexibility to holster the light into my High Speed Gear Taco Magazine Pouch.

 High Speed Gear TACO Magazine Pouch

with Bushnell Pro Lighting Device (yeah it works)


Moreover, the "Flood" of the light was not too bad, although if the Bushnell Pro had one delimitation, that would be it. What I mean by that is that the ability to control the Flood itself would be a delimitation. This could considered a disadvantage because the Operator would not have the ability to reduce the Flood and actively focus the beam of the light.

With that said I would recommend for the next model of the "Pro" series that Bushnell add a "Light Focusing Switch" on the bevel of the flashlight. The Flood it currently emits is great for indoors, but for outdoor use it may give away a little too much of your position (depending on external Observers distance).


RULE OF THUMB: In the dark, light is noise.


SIDE NOTE: There is a such thing as too much light.


CORRECTION: I made a mistake in the video and said "150 meters". Its 150 minutes. When I saw the "150m" on the packaging I instantly though meters.

In closing I would like to give a special thanks to Bushnell for creating this Cost Effective Lighting Device. Its a shame that a lot of companies out there on the market today are milking people out of their hard earned money.



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