Daniel Shaw


When I looked at the comments and positions of Daniel Shaw in the Funker Tactical Video, I was slightly relieved in the fact that he did not come out as “socially brutish” as Steve Fisher. I would also like to say that I’m glad to see someone like Daniel Shaw that actually has a “real resume” is being filmed. In the video, Daniel Shaw stated that he couldn't obtain answers as to why I do what I do. That’s an interesting ( yet fictitious) testimony because I remember Daniel Shaw turning down the opportunity to speak directly with me when GN from Funker Tactical invited you on the show he had me on.


In any case, where I think Daniel Shaw missed the ball in this conversation is in the fact that when he talked about and or agreed that there is no “governing body” for anyone to say that they are an instructor. This is simply not true. Every state in this country has some sort of state program that can certify someone to be a Firearm Instructor. Even more than that, there are also private organizations that also perform this task as well. Such organizations that are in existence are the NRA, USCCA and the Second Amendment Foundation. Just to name a few.


However, when it comes to me as I once was “Certified Instructor” on both the state and private levels is that I at some point came to question what does being an “instructor” really mean. What I mean by this is that forget about hijacking the internet and calling yourself an “instructor” - that’s what most people do in the Gun Game. What I mean is that almost anyone can be come a “Certified Instructor” outside the federal and state levels.


In the dime (10 years) that I have dropped in the cup of the Gun Game I have seen garbage “Certified Instructors” come from ALL branches of the Military, ALL special operations teams. I've also seen garbage Certified Instructors that were Police Officers, the NRA, USCCA and private contractors as well. This is yet another reason as to why I’m not easily impressed with people flashing that they are “Certified Instructors”, and making comments online about me not having mines anymore.


Two things real quick:


1. Paper doesn’t make me

2. If actually being in a real Gun-Fight was a prerequisite to being a firearm instructor there would hardly be any firearm instructors Certified or not


Daniel Shaw


So going back to the heart of the matter. Which is the statement you made and or agreed with as far as there not being a governing body in the Gun Game. The question lies not in if there is a governing body because I have established that there is one. But the question lies in at what point do we find the right individual with the right balance of real world application and the ability to instruct and actually demonstrate skill while connecting with people? That’s the question we should be seeking to answer. (Hint - I'm one of those people).


When it comes to providing an answer as to why I do what I do, I would recommended that you take the time out to visit my website at vodaconsulting.com also feel free to study the digital trail of breadcrumbs I have left on my blog site vodalogic.com. It is between these two sites that you should be able to find more than enough information on why I do what I do. Everything that I do is based on science and first hand experience. It has been my experience that every technique when it comes to Self-Defense and Personal Protection has its place. No matter how “unconventional” the technique may seem.

video in question 


In closing, I would like for you to know that I have never made or released a “Training Video” - ever. I've only filmed segments of me working with VODA Clients. In addition, I would also like for you to know that there is a rhyme and reason for the EDA/ECK™ System. I just haven’t released it to the public as only a select few have access to it. But don’t fret, there will be a EDA/ECK™ book and actual Training DVD released in the near future. I never do anything haphazardly – everything I do has a purpose. On a positive note I’m pleased to see that you do not completely exhibit the narrow minded thinking that Steve Fisher exhibited on the video. This means that there is actually hope for you.



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