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OK, so I was going to release this article on Monday. But, I couldn't wait LOL! A week ago I decided to  start upgrading my Century Arms CETME C308 Rifle (yes its a Century C308 Project). So as I started looking around and I bumped into a Tri-Rail made by AimSports which I ordered online from OpticsPlanet.com. As I looked at the price point they had it going for $35.00. So I said to myself its only $35.00. So I figured what the hell, and ordered it.

AimSports Tri-Rail for HK G3/PTR 91/CETME


The AimSports Tri-Rail came in yesterday and I have to say that the quality of the rail is on point with what you would expect from anyone that makes rails and hand-guards. But the best part about this purchase is that this particular rail was exceptionally cost effective. What I mean by this is that it was manufactured and sold for a fraction of the price of other manufactures that a similar product.


This is a great thing because for a long time I've held the position that rails made out of aircraft aluminum (or any material) shouldn't cost more than $50.00 to $75.00. If you own an AR-15/10 make sure you get your rail systems from STNGR. I'm talking $95.00 for a great rail system. Click the following link to the vodalogic article entitled: "PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: STNGR - M-LOC/KEYMOD HANDGUARDS to read about them.




Again, these accessories should not be costing as much as they are. Read the following article at vodalogic entitled: "ANALYSIS: INDUSTRY WASTE IN THE GUN GAME - Conspicuous Consumption".



 Maitreya - (Slim Thick)


For those that are asking, do I read reviews. NO, I do not read reviews because for a couple of reasons:


  • There is no laws on the books that say you have to tell/ report the truth in regards to a product (media)

  • Anyone can say anything

  • Manufactures often pay people to provide positive reviews (positive reviews are often bought)

  • Two people can look at the same thing and form two or more different perspectives about what they saw


 Maitreya - (Slim Thick)


Anyways, I learned that from a very young age when I used to watch the Siskel and Ebert on the telly for movie reviews. Long story short, I realized that when they rated a movie bad I found that movie to actually be good! So from that point I decided to not listen to "reviews" and "Customer Comments" and sought to always find things out for myself – first hand.

 Maitreya - (Slim Thick)


With that being said, in order to install the rail onto the H&K G3, PTR 91 or Century Arms C308 it took no Gun-Smithing and was very straightforward and very simple to install. In fact it takes less than three minutes to install the Rail. The Rail fits the weapon system perfectly and doesn't have any wobble or "play" once it is installed.

Maitreya - (Slim Thick)


Does it add weight to the gun? Yes, there is a slight increase in weight but it’s fine. Why? Because this slight increase in weight will aid you in mitigating recoil. I think that all people will enjoy this added latent function. I would also like to say, please don't try to compare this Rifle (H&K G3/PTR 91/CETME) with or without this configuration to an AR-15/10. As the comparison of these are Apples and Oranges.


I will keep you ladies  and gentlemen updated as I further upgrade the Century Arms C308 CETME.



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