Today I took the time out to search the web for firearm related topics and I ran into a video on the Funker Tactical YouTube Channel. Although its an old video I have to say this is actually my first time watching it. Hey, I have a lot of things to do and even more things going on! But never-the-less today was the day that I watched it. I have to say that I’m kinda of disappointed in the video in the fact that people like Daniel Shaw and Steve Fisher would make judgments and engage in the lowest form of an argument (attacks and name calling) in an attempt to talk about something that they have never seen or can’t understand.


The one thing that I can remember in the video is the fact that Steve Fisher made the comment to the liking of [paraphrasing] that every time he asks a question he never gets a response back (referring to me). Well “Fish” this is something that I can answer with a couple of comments:


1. Who are you?

I've never seen you before, never heard of you before and quite frankly your a nobody to me.


2. Who are you to demand answers?

Again, I've never seen you before, never heard of you before and quite frankly your a nobody to me.


Understand something, this is not me being disrespectful, its the honest truth. The truth of the matter is I really didn’t know who you were until tonight; Saturday, February 17 at 7:00 pm. I would also like to add when I took the timeout to Google you, I found two things:


1. You are or at least were apart of Practical Tactical. Like aren't’ these the same guys that stole a video of mines, edited in such a way to skew what was being taught? The old saying of my 2nd Mother comes to mind: “What you say and do reveals who you are”. But I digress. In an any case, when I googled the name Steve Fisher, I saw someone who did way more talking then they did actually shooting. Let me be more specific, I saw someone doing way more advertising of products than I did shooting. Gotta get paid right? But again, this is the reason why you chose to edit my video in such a way so you could monetize it so that you could get a check (if you did it). Again, I digress.


2. Alternately, I did take the time out to ask around to see what other people had to say about you. Most people haven't heard of you. Moreover, of those that did actually hear about you stated the following: “He’s not draw dropping or anything – he’s just another run of the mill instructor”. In short, they told me not to be concerned with you.


When it comes to the EDA/ECK™ System, I don’t think that you are qualified to talk about it because you don’t know anything about it. Yeah, you see the knife and you see the gun, but that’s about it. If I asked you about any of the techniques of the system and it’s premise you couldn’t provide an answer. If I asked you what are the transitions of the system or under what conditions could the system be used – you couldn't answer this. Why? Because I haven’t taught it to you.


I will say this, when it comes to the EDA/ECK™ System, the video you saw was us on the Range creating it for the first time – that was day one. As a small business owner because you are one you should know that anytime you are creating something new there will be issues and hangups. This is a given rule in business. But then again I think that your issue lies in the fact that you where being malicious in intent because you are a person full of prejudice and bigotry. I’m mean why else would you take the time out to downplay what I’m doing (someone you don't know and never seen before).


When it comes to the "Flyer" that occurred on the Range, it happens. You can go to any Range in the country and especially at the NRA Headquarters and Range in VA and see where people have had a round or two hit the Baffle. It happens get over it. I just wish that we would have thought about lowering the Target to accommodate the Drill being executed. See we could have edited that whole video and no one would have known, but I believe in being transparent. I can show my mistakes - the question is: "Can you?"


I think and I could be wrong but you seem a little “too salty” for whatever reason. As I look at you on camera, I perceive a womanly type of bitterness. I would also like to say that I don't think you got to where you are because your actually really good. I think you got put on because of who you know. OK, granted you were a Reserve/Axillary Police Officer “somewhere in the southeastern part of the United States”. That could be a town of 200 people for all I know. Its not like there are a whole lot of major cities in the South. Just saying.


As far as Force-on-Force is concerned, I been there done that in real life all my life. Violence is the only thing I know (beside Sociology). My question to you is how many people have you shot? How many people have you actually had to detain? Have you made any Arrest? Have you ever had to testify in Court? Have you done any Investigations? What have you done? I’ve seen your resume but the resume you have just about anyone can have if that have the will power to execute. I say this because if you haven't done anything applied in the real world – then your only teaching second, third and fourth hand information, which is tantamount to theory and hearsay. And we all know how the Courts feel about hearsay – it’s inadmissible.


I been in the shootouts, I’ve actually apprehended and detain people, I put cuffs on people, I’ve testified many times in court, I’ve taught the Law as it pertains to Self-Defense as well as the Use of Force Continuum to the Public. I been certified by The State of North Carolina and your beloved NRA (in all disciplines). I’ve been in Military, done the High-Risk work, done the Executive Protection thing. I’m an Author with several more books coming out. I’ve been in this Gun Game for 10 years. I got multiple Academic Degrees. Tell me you went to College at the very least. Give me or tell me something so I can work with you!


See I’m not easily swayed by the High-Definition Pictures and Videos because I understand that that’s all marketing and advertising. So your going to have to show me more than what you been doing. Because I don’t believe for one second that you are any better than the average “instructor”.  Just so you   know for the record: I don't do anything for likes - I can care less about who likes me or doesn't. I don't suffer from Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence issues. You do though.


In closing I was also kind of disappointed in GN from Funker Tactical for even filming this kind of crap. I wouldn't have film no crap like that. It’s weak and it’s caddy. I think your a fantastic videographer, but if these are the type of people that you want to showcase. I’m not interested. I remember when you had me on your show and you put that invite out to any trainer or instructor basically in the world that would step up to the plate and sincerely train with me and exchange ideas. I openly agreed to that and it still stands.


That was last year, I wonder why no “instructor” has stepped up to the plate. Remember this is not a thing where two or more people try to engage in acts of public humiliation – I’m not into that. This was an open invitation that you initiated in order to facilitate bridging the gap in so that positive training and the transfer of ideas, concepts and knowledge can take place.


GN the Gun Game has failed at that.


P.S. I'll touch on Daniel Shaw in the next article.



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