As I stated yesterday in the vodalogic.com article entitled: "POLITICS & POLICY | MENTAL HEALTH, MASS & SCHOOL SHOOTINGS MARJORY STONEMAN DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL". The NRA pays off Politicians in order for Bills and  Legislation to get passed, so that they [NRA] can not only continue to serve as a legal money laundering operation for Gun Manufactures. But also so that they [NRA] and the Gun Manufactures can make a profit.


Thus in doing this, both entities can continue to legally Traffic Small Arms on a global scale. The NRA and their Affiliates care nothing about you. Their only concern is MONEY. These are just a few of the Politicians that got brought off by the NRA. There are many more that received way more money than the Politicians shown in the video.


The media silence that you see here is standard operating procedure. These Politicians have agreed when they got paid off by the NRA to not comment in the wake of tragedies such as Mass shootings and School Shootings. If you want to make a significant impact as far as reducing the likelihood of these kinds of shootings and others this is what we need to do:


  • Stop giving the NRA your hard earned money

  • Shut down the NRA as a 501c3

  • Start holding these Gun Manufactures accountable for the products that they manufacture

  • Start putting a cap on how many firearms that can be manufactured

  • Stop allowing Politicians to receive “Donations” (Bribes and Payoffs) from the NRA and NRA affiliates

  • Start digging into the databases and start restricting peoples access to firearms that are on these Psychotropic Drugs that have the ability to alter the consciousness, brain and behavior of people



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