There are many people to blame for Mass Shootings and School Shootings that you may not either be aware of or want to hear but they are to blame. The one's to blame are Politicians, the NRA and Gun Manufactures. Why? Because it is the NRA that not only significantly aids in the trafficking of firearms (Small Arms) on a global scale but they in turn use their entity which is a 501c3 (Non-Profit) as a "legal money laundering operation".


To see if your Politician got paid click the link below:



I say this because Politicians, people of like-minded interest and Gun Manufactures give the NRA money for two reasons:


  • So Gun Manufactures can claim the money pack on their taxes because they “Donated” to a 501(3) Non-Profit Organization such as the NRA

  • The NRA in turn can use the money “donated” to them from people of like-minded interest and Gun Manufactures to send Lobbyist to Politicians

  • The Lobbyist in turn pays off Politicians so that Bills, and Legislation can get passed in the favor NRA and Gun Manufactures so they can flip a profit


I say again, those “Donations” that the NRA receives from the people of like-minded interest and Gun Manufactures are then forwarded to Politicians in terms of “Campaign Contributions” or better yet what Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute and people with common sense like to call “Bribes and Payoffs”.


Even more than that, the NRA, Politicians and like like-minded people and Gun Manufactures are also at fault because they take the money that the NRA receives from these like-minded people and Gun Manufactures to stop the ATF (Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) from doing their jobs as far as inspecting the sale sheets when it comes to these Firearm Dealers and maintaining an effective system of Checks and Balances.


Furthermore, it was the NRA, like-minded people of interest, Gun Manufactures and Politicians that stopped the funding that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) needed from researching the correlating adverse affects of Firearm Ownership in relationship to Crime, Firearm Related Accidents and Deaths, Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence.

Don't take my word for it click the link below to see for yourself.


Why is this all being done? One word: PROFIT. It is my position that the the NRA, like-minded people of interest, Gun Manufactures and the Politicians that are paid off care nothing for you. They care nothing for the victims that are negatively impacted by firearm violence and death.


Moreover, they damn sure don’t care about the victims of Mass Shooting nor do they care about the 17 dead kids in the latest School Shooting. A shooting which occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School located in Parkland, Florida. If you don't know as of 2018 we have had 18 School Shootings? This is less than 60 days in the the 2018 year.

PREDICTION: My prediction they will be at least 2 more School Shootings when the weather breaks.


Want Gun Control? Start with the NRA!

When it comes to Mental Health, we must find a way to stop people that are suffering from Metal Health Issues and Illness from purchasing and acquiring firearms – no matter the type. We need to start looking at the database for those that are taking Prescription Medications. We need to know who, what, when, why and construct ways to identify these people who are on these Psychotropic Drugs.


Understand what I’m saying, just because you or someone you know are on these medications does not make you or them “Bad People”. But we must have and practice social accountability and seek out real ways to mitigate Social Liabilities in order to have a significant impact of these kinds of shootings.

I’m going to keep it real (like I always do). When it comes to Mass Shootings and School Shootings If you don't heed my advice as Firearm Education and Training Consultant, the tears that you are currently crying means nothing. For the tears that you are currently crying can be likened to using a Electric Fan to repel a Class 5 Hurricane. If you want change and I mean real change; change that significantly matters, then  we need to do the following in a quick fast:


  • Stop giving the NRA your hard earned money

  • Shut down the NRA as a 501c3

  • Start holding these Gun Manufactures accountable for the products that they manufacture

  • Start putting a cap on how many firearms that can be manufactured

  • Stop allowing Politicians to receive “Donations” (Bribes and Payoffs) from the NRA and NRA affiliates

  • Start digging into the databases and start restricting peoples access to firearms that are on these Psychotropic Drugs that have the ability to alter the consciousness, brain and behavior of people

If we do this as a society then and only then will you see any real, meaningful and significant changes. Until then I will use the words of Honorable Malcolm X:

“The chickens have come home to roost.”


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