I'm curious to know how come all three are on the NRA Payroll? Colion Noir, Antonia Okafor and Maj Toure featured in photo.


As my brother and President of the Urban Sharp Shooters and I took the time out to talk about some of the issues that are adversely affecting African Americans in the Gun Game and we couldn't help but recognize a few trends. Those trends are the targeted economic exploitation of African Americans and women in the Gun Game.


See as it stands every four years we see the same four trends:


  • The NRA and their fear-mongering campaign

  • A spike in gun sales when a Democrat takes office

  • A significant drop in gun sales when a Republican takes office

  • A significant increase in gun sales during times of reported crisis (School and Mass Shootings)


These trends are important to recognize and are even more relevant in conversation because it appears as if no one is publicly addressing these issues because these are trends that are being used to prime, program, trigger and manipulate a conditioned response from people internal and external to the Gun Game.


Moreover, it should be said that when organizations and institutions such as the NRA engage in the practice of priming, programming, triggering and manipulating a conditioned response from the public it has the very high potential for psychological, emotional and social abuse.


Technically under the currently agreed ethical standards it could be considered unethical to engage in priming, programming, triggering and manipulating a conditioned response from the public. Furthermore, when we look at the high potentiation for abuse on the psychological, emotional and social abuse levels, African Americans (and other Minorities) and women are more than likely to be adversely affected than Caucasian males.


I can say this because since a Republican Candidate obtained office in this past presidential election, gun manufactures have experienced a significant drop in gun sales. So what are gun manufacturers to do with the surplus of guns that they cannot sale? That's right, devise a scheme in which they are able to cash in on the most uninformed group of consumers in the Gun Game. The most uninformed consumers in the Gun Game are African Americans (and other Minorities) and Women.


When it comes to women, most women simply don't have a great deal of insight when it comes to purchasing, maintaining and training with firearms outside of their significant other, father, brother or the guy behind the counter. So women become prime targets and are often times steered towards guns in which the dealer can make a quick sale.


When dealers engage in the practice of selling firearms to women under these kinds of conditions, it creates the atmosphere in which it  unnecessary exposes women to a multitude of liabilities that they may have to face not only in the communities in which they travel in and out of. But it introduces women and their children to unnecessary risk and potential liabilities in their homes. Hence, the trickle down effect is that the children now become exposed to those same risks and liabilities.


I’m able to say this because most of the time when women purchase a firearm they often do not receive any training and knowledge of the Law and Use of Force. A prime case would be VODA Client Shaneen Allen before I provided training for her. The other half of the time, for the women who do purchase a firearm and actually seek out training as it pertains to the use of a firearm under the Law do not receive the training that is relevant to their lifestyle nor do they receive training that will actually keep them alive. Hence Conceal Carry is simply not enough. Side-note: Conceal Carry has produce some of the worst results in the Gun Game.


This is a crucial thing to understand because this is where the exploitative measures of those that wish to take advantage of the women who fall into the above mentioned situation comes into play. More often than not, some "Instructor", somewhere will set up classes geared towards women and will knowingly teach these firearm classes and they will also know that the women that attend these classes are being purposely set up for failure because these women are not being taught or informed at the very least of any applied Gun-Fighting techniques. 


Again this is a detriment to women and it is really is a social injustice towards the women that attend these classes because nothing hurts worst that being made to think that you are prepared to deal with Bad Guys and Convicts in the real world only to find out the ugly truth. That ugly truth is that 8 out of 10 women are nowhere near ready to deal with Bad Guys and Convicts in the real world because the only thing that they have been taught is how to fire a gun under the premise of "Range Work".


African Americans in contrast, are also being exploited (damn near raped) in the fact that African Americans are being targeted because according to James McCoy President of the Urban Sharp Shooters:


"African Americans are so far behind in the firearm conversation that we are literally unable to add anything of value to the Gun Game as a whole."


James Mckoy also goes on to say that:


"Because African Americans are so far behind in the firearm conversation we often times go off 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand information at times from someone who doesn't look like us and often times may not have the best intentions for African Americans in their hearts and minds."


When we talked more in depth about this issue that plagues African Americans it lead to the conclusion of two things:


The fact that there is a over-emphasis on how much African Americans need to be "Responsible Gun Owners" and that “Safety” should be our primary concern while our Caucasian counterparts can form vigilante groups, brain washed militias, and actually use guns to "Fight for Freedom" against tyranny.


As a side-note I have really been watching Hollywood and how they project African Americans with guns. What I have noticed as a Social Scientist is that they tend to almost never allow an African American to have a Lead Role in a movie with a firearm that projects Self-Confidence, high Self-Esteem and “saves the day” by taking the initiative to “do what’s right” in the face of adversity.


If an African American does actually obtain a role like this those roles are exceptionally far and few between and are almost always placed in a comical light. Thus, roles like this further perpetuates ignorance and misconceptions when it comes to the use of firearms.


Secondly, there exist a Double Consciousness [Sociologist W.E.B. Dubois] amongst African Americans that actually own firearms when it comes to dealing with Law-Enforcement and the Game of Law. This is another thing that must be addressed because it further erodes the Self and Shooting Confidence of African Americans that own firearms for PErsonal Protection.


When the Self and Shooting Confidence of African Americans are eroded it may prove to be fatal when African Americans that do actually need to deploy a firearm for Personal Protection need to press the trigger the most. What I mean by this is that they will hesitate because of the mindfulness of the Double Consciousness in conjunction with the eroded Self and Shooting Confidence.


Even more than that, here are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself. Why is it that African Americans have to be overly “Safe” with firearms and Caucasians have the undoubted ability to "wild out" with their guns? Why is it that African American gun owners have to engage in being "Double Minded" when dealing with Law-Enforcement and the Game of Law? Another question that you have to ask yourself is why hasn't any recognized African Americans in the Gun Game stood up and or took a stand or at least publicly addressed some of the issues that plagues African Americans besides VODA Inc. and the The Urban Sharp Shooters?


The answer that lie to these questions are: They get a check. That's right they are brought off, paid for and have to seek permission to speak. They have sold African Americans out.

Maj Toure


Ask yourself, how does a Maj Toure, a Felon become a “Gun Activist”? How is it that he can run around talking about he is going to educate people “in the community” on guns and can’t even legally purchase one? Thus, we can conclude that there is a very high probability that he has no skill or knowledge with a firearm – so how is he going to “teach”? Even more important would it be more fitting that since Maj Toure is a Felon that he speaks on the behalf of Reformed Felons so that they have a way to get their rights restored so that they can purchase firearms if they meet certain criteria? These are the tough questions that many people are not willing to ask or have the courage to ask.

Colion Noir


Some other questions that you should be asking is since the NRA uses Colion Noir as a way to appeal to or better yet shiest African Americans into firearm ownership in the Gun Game, how come Colion Noir hasn't publicly said anything about some of the issues that are adversely affecting African Americans in the Gun Game such as the bigotry, prejudice and at times out right racist intentions and actions of many Caucasian males in the Gun Game? Does Colion Noir not see or does he choose not to see. As I told my brother James McKoy that the Nigerian mind is a different kind of mind. Meaning that the Nigerian consciousness or experience is not the same as an African Americans consciousness or the African American Experience.


Rule of Thumb: Just because some is a person of color doesn’t mean that they hold the same position as you.


This is not to be malicious or put anyone on the spot (although I have) but these are just a few questions and concerns that African Americans in the Gun Game should be asking and thinking about.



For the record I did not mention the female featured in the initial picture whose name is Antonia Okafor. Not that I have anything against her (or anyone featured in this article). But it can easily be seen that Antonia Okafor can likened to an NRA sock puppet and needs no real mention. Just being honest.


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