Thoughts on Century Arms CETME C308


If you don't know what a "Slim Thick" is then you're simply are not from the hood. But that's OK. In regards to the CENTURY ARMS C308 I have to say without a shadow of a doubt that it is one of my favorite Rifles of all time (after the H&K G3, H&K G36 and the AK-47/74). I know that's a long list but hey what do you expect? I’m a Gun-Fighter/Civilian Operator™. I love this “Slim Thick” Rifle not only because of the way that it feels but because even in the mist of it being “heavy” to some people's standards, it shoots remarkably smooth. It features a Delayed Blow-Back Operated Gas System. It is Chambered in .308/7.62x51.

Firing the Century Arms CETME C308


What this means is that since the operation of the Rifle is dependent upon the the energy of the round being fired, it delays the opening of the Chamber until the Chamber Pressure is dropped once the round is fired. The Rifle in turn uses that gas pressure which was created by the firing of that round to cycle the Bolt. The Rollers which are located on the Bolt aid in assisting the movement of the Bolt itself. This is what makes this Rifle so smooth to shoot.

The only time I can call myself a Painter


Yes the CENTURY ARMS variant of the H&K G3 is on the lower price point side of the Gun Game, but that doesn't negate the fact that it is a Rifle that is not only worth owning but definitely worth using for Personal Protection if the need should arise (a very slim chance might I add).

The only time I can call myself a Painter


However, when I manipulate the CENTURY ARMS C308, I can't help but feel as if I’m holding a piece of machinery that wants to do what it is made to do – and that is to shoot! To further explain my position, all we have to do is simply turn to the Safety Selector Switch. Its not as “fluid” as a AR-15/10 or even a AK47/74. But for the Century Arms CETME C308 its a matter of either being on or off – none of that flicking the Safety Switch off and on (not that I’m against that). In other words this Rifle is either “on” or “off”. There is no in between.

The only time I can call myself a Painter


Unlike the H&K G3, the Rear Sight Aperture has been changed to a four position “flip up” sight. The Rear Sight Aperture allow the operator of the Rifle to select the degree of accuracy needed for shot taken. The Sights are properly aligned. When it comes to the Magazine Release Button some people will take issue with that. But not me on the other hand. When I find slight differences in the manufacturing process of any firearm all it simply means to me is that I must practice within a new learning curve. This is itself is a great thing. Because it forces me to learn something new.

The only time I can call myself a Painter


The CENTURY ARMS CETME C308 also accepts all H&K G3 Magazines, which are in no short supply. The reason why this is yet another great thing is because of the price point of these Magazines which are usually “Surplus Magazines". What this translates into is a very great price on Magazines; I’m talking as low as $3.00 per Magazine. You simply cannot beat that unless you get a “5 Finger Discount”. Another great thing I appreciate about this Rifle is that CENTURY ARMS installed a Picatinny Rail on it. I mean need I say more? There is also an attachment point for a Two-Point Sling.

The only time I can call myself a Painter


The Trigger Guard is wide enough so that you are able to manipulate the Trigger with thick gloves if needed. The Trigger itself is not bad, but it “fits” the Rifle. What I mean by fits is that it is suitable enough for the Rifle at hand. Last but not least I have to say that I when I fire this Rifle I really love the smell that the ammunition emits – its almost like a light spicy aroma. It gets me every time I press the Trigger!


Now for the delimitations. Cocking or Cycling the Charging Handle may prove to be an issue for some people. It has been my experience that you have to break the Rifle in in order to “ease" some of the stiffness when Charging it. It is my professional position that the Length of Pull (the Stock) is a little to long. Another delimitation is that there is no mechanism put in place to mount a Single Point Sling. Furthermore, the welding points on the Rifle could be a little more refined.


The Charging Mechanism itself, Bolt and its Rollers could be polished so that it makes the Action of the Rifle easier to manipulate and generally all around a little more smoother. The Muzzle Break is welded on . I know why CENTURY ARMS did it (Rifle Length and Import Laws). However, I think that it would be a great idea to allow the Rifle to accept different types of accessories. Some people complained about the Polymer Lower – but I did not see it a reasonable cause for concern.

Special thank to Sly of the BlackPackerz and King General .357 President of the Atlanta Chapter of the Urban Sharp Shooters


The colors are not an exact match (black) – but I did not see that as an issue. I’m more concerned about the operation and functionality of the Rifle. It should also be known that the Rate of Fire will be somewhat slower than other types of Gas Systems (i.e. Direct Impingement(D.I.), Piston Gas Systems (Long Stroke and Short Stroke)). But that's inherent of it being a Delayed Blow-Back System.

I have to say I love this gun and ANY H&K G3 variants. It is definitely a break in the monotony of the AR-15/10 dominated market here in the U.S. remember to learn to fire as many weapon systems as you can.  Here's a quick Rule of Thumb:


If the A.R.15/10 is the only thing you know how to fire than you are losing.



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