When I get challenged online, I cant help but wonder whats the purpose of the Challenge. Please understand something, I'm not afraid of any "Challenge". That's what the Cyber-Bullies and Cyber-Thugs want you to believe. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Professionally as I see it, people who seek to challenge me and others are simply looking for someone or something to entertain their egos. Furthermore, I also see these "Challenges" as a way for people to attempt to discredit and undermine all of what I have achieved.


Beyond that I would say that, I'm don't fear losing. Actually, I want to lose a Challenge because this is how you get better. Everyone and anyone who is serious about their Craft (whatever it is) should have a firm grasp on the value of failure. Put another way, I'm not concerned with what goes right, I'm more concerned with what goes wrong. This again, is another reason I would like to lose a Challenge.


I would like to express that Certifications don't make me and I do not have a need to be accepted by anyone. I simply do not struggle with the lack of not having Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem. Another thing that I would like to point out is that for those that engage in name calling and for those that are seeking to subject me to attempted acts of public humiliation does not phase me or make me break stride.


I also need you to understand that the videos that are featured on Social Media purposely do not feature any explanation for what or why I do what I do. That information is for the VODA Clients in which I serve. If you happen to like a video that's OK - if you happen to dislike a video that's fine too. Either way it doesn't bother me. Rule of Thumb:


"What you eat does not make me shit."


Lastly, if you wish to gain insight, learn about, get to know and or understand what I do first hand, I urge you to book a Session and pay for that Session like you would do with anyone else's "class". If you are unable to do that then there is yet another option - purchase my book entitled: "THE WOMAN'S FIREARM GUIDE". Until then, be safe out there and remember to train.



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