Russia's Finest


If you have been following me by now you should already know that I've always pushed for realistic and most importantly relative training and Applied Shooting Methods. In the above video you can view some of Russia's Finest doing what they do best. However, when it comes to Firearm Education and Training here in the United States, there seems to be a huge disconnect. That disconnect that I'm speaking of lies between the Shooter's Confidence and outdated Training Protocols.


When it comes to the Shooter's Confidence, it seems that here in the United States that people either do not want to or are afraid to push past the boundaries set before them in order for them to graduate to the next level of training. With that said, Shooters here in the United States tend to always hit a "plateau".


Meaning that Shooters here in the United States seem to always eventually hit the  "Shooters Glass Ceiling". It is the "Shooters Glass Ceiling" that prevents them from moving up into the higher degrees of Shooting Applications that are in existence to help them deal with real world shooting engagements.


If its not the Range Limitations whether it be a Static or Dynamic Range, its the fear of having to report to Insurance Companies. If it's not that than its the the "Social Shooters Stigma" of Labeling someone or something "unsafe". Remember this Rule of Thumb:


"Fear is the currency of the Gun Game."


Again, as I always say "Safety is Relative". But again, I've been trained from a vastly different Shooting Perspective than most. This is not to say because I or someone that has been trained from a different Shooting Perspective, exhibits a different Shooting Orientation or demonstrates a particular skill-set then that of another type of Shooter means that one is better or worst than the other. However, what I am saying is that one type of Shooter may exhibit a different or require a greater degree of Cognition than another Shooters.


But even more than that, if it's not the castrating of the Shooter's Confidence here in the United States than it's the highly restrictive, rigid and hyper inflexible Training Protocols that are in practice here. Don't take my word for it, take a look around. Nearly everyone looks, talks and trains the same.


Thus nearly all of the people that fall into this point can and will be eliminated in nearly the same way. It is these highly restrictive, rigid and hyper inflexible Training Protocols that the reason for the monotony in firearm instruction.


Contrastingly enough, if the reason for these highly restrictive, rigid and hyper inflexible Training Protocols is centered around cause of uniformity I can understand that - only to a certain degree. But than again one the delimitation's to consider with this kind of "Uniform Protocol" are as follows:


"What happens when your encounter someone who or something that does not play by the same set of rules?"


This is something to think about. Why? Because the following questions should be coming to mind:


"How do we deal with threats that do not fall into our shooting paradigm?"


"Are our training protocol's really tested and true? Or are they formulated and developed based on political and socio-economic factors?"


"How do we train for the "untrainable"?"


These three questions and more should be the premises we should be working from when administrating Firearm Education and Training. This is yet another reason as to why I do what I do. For more information please feel free to contact me at onered.voda@gmail.com or send a text to 910-604-6986. Yep its a pager.



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