An Actual fake FaceBook Profile that was created to spread Racism and Hate in the Gun Game


If you don't know me by now, you should know that I am an African American. Moreover, not only am I an African American I'm also  a Social Scientist (Sociologist). I'm here to report to you that beyond the Bigotry and Prejudice that I have empirically observed in the Gun Game (Firearm Industry), I can officially say that there are many people in the Gun Game who are Racist. Now, this is not me playing the so-called “Race Card”. No. Instead, I have been gathering data and information on the phenomena of Racism and the activities of Racist in the Gun Game. Another reason why I am writing this is because I too have become a victim of Racism and Racist attacks from people within the Gun Game.


I would also like to highlight the the fact that Racist will go into great lengths to create fake FaceBook Profiles and Pages in order to propagate Hate, engage in Hate Speech and other forms of Racist actions and aberrant social behavior. More often then not they create these fake Facebook Pages to not only engage in online Trolling but they create these fake FaceBook Profiles and Pages to expel Racist posts that have a severe impact on the users of various Social Media Platforms. That negative impact may incite the victims to do things beyond the scope of Social Media in the “Real World”.

 Racist creates fake FaceBook Profile to Spread Racism and Hate in the Gun Game but gets busted.



Racist creates fake FaceBook Profile to Spread Racism and Hate in the Gun Game but gets busted.


 Racist creates fake FaceBook Profile to Spread Racism and Hate in the Gun Game but gets busted.


But what's even more appalling is that there are African Americans in the Gun Game that somehow either choose to turn a blind eye to it, deny that it even exist or simply refuse to acknowledge it [Racism] because they want to be accepted by many of the same people that despite them as an African American or other Minority. One thing I was taught as a kid was to NEVER BEG TO SIT AT ANOTHER MAN’S TABLE – BUILD YOUR OWN TABLE. Yeah, my second Father was Haitian. If you don’t know how they get down I’ll tell you. The people of Haiti became the first Independent “Black Nation" to beat Slavery. That's right, they don’t play that docile shit.

Gun Game Racist engaging in an Assault on a Female Urban Sharp Shooter


Consequently, by African Americans and other Minorities often suffering from a lack of identity and often exhibiting both a low Self-Esteem and low Self-Confidence it can be very problematic. I'm highlighting this fact that many African Americans and Minorities within the Gun Game really do have a severe Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and or a Self-Identity problem. I can say this because there are a lot of African Americans and other Minorities that will indirectly side with the very same people that openly express Hate against them.


With that said, I can’t help but wonder if African Americans and other Minorities that have a Self-Hate and Defeatist Attitude complex towards themselves can be helped? When I see this rip in the social fabric of African Americans and other Minorities in the Gun Game it makes me feel compelled as an African American to do something to repair it. But the question that comes to my mind again is: “Is it something that can even be repaired?” “If so, what can we do to repair it?”.

See, every since I was a kid I was taught that the real and only battle that actually exist is in the mind. That is the only battle that counts. So I have in a way have built up a sort of Immunity to people who express their Racist opinions and views and utilize those opinions and views as a driving force to assault and commit acts of socio-psycho-emotional turmoil onto the people that they consider to be victims because they have not built up an Immunity to Racism.

Racist in the Gun Game

Racist in the Gun Game


The biggest thing that I see among Shooters across all demographics is that they lack Self-Confidence to truly operate a firearm to their highest potential. Furthermore, as a Social Scientist I have identified linkage between that fact and that the Racist in the Gun Game exploits that lack of Self-Confidence and low Self-Esteem by engaging in acts of Harassment, Stalking, Bullying, the Bearing of False Witness (Slander and Libel), Defamation of Character, Character Assassination, Conspiracy and Deception, the use of psychological warfare and Public Humiliation and Shaming Tactics as suggested by one Racist below: "We should do it through Shaming".

Racist in the Gun Game

 Racist in the Gun Game


Now, I don't like to throw the term "White Supremacy" around because it is a term that should be reserved for Hate Groups, Organizations of Hate and Institutions as a whole that engage in this kind of aberrant social behavior. However, the word "Racist" in contrast is the better term to refer to the phenomenon of individuals themselves that engage in the behavior of committing acts of discrimination, the re-enforcement of prejudice and hatred towards African Americans and other Minorities.

Racist in the Gun Game

Racist in the Gun Game


My forecast is that the Gun Game will be headed for a State of Emergency if this issue is not addressed and rectified. I hold this position because all it takes is for a Flash-Point event to occur to set a chain of events in motion that may not be reversible. This will be disastrous for both Caucasians and all Minorities in the Gun Game as lives will be lost on both sides.


Therefore, one possible solution that I would recommended is the creation of a system that will not only hold people accountable for their words and actions both on and off-line. But it should also entail the restriction of firearms from people who publicly express Racist thoughts, opinions, views and actually acts of violence. Why? Because those people pose a direct threat to the lives and health of people on a Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical level.


 Racist in the Gun Game

Racist in the Gun Game


By now we should all know the "Blow-Back" or the social ramifications that often occurs from people that become victims of acts of discrimination, alienation and isolation, Labelling, acts of Harassment, Stalking, Bullying, the Bearing of False Witness (Slander and Libel), Defamation of Character, Character Assassination, the use of psychological warfare and Public Humiliation and Shaming Tactics.

 Racist in the Gun Game

 Racist NRA Member


Again, I’m a Fighter so I can take it and I also have the means to fight back. However, many people in contrast do not share or have these characteristics. Since they do not for whatever reason, it is not only my job as a Fighter but its your job as a Fighter (if you are one) to protect them and in doing so we are in effect protecting Life. Let this be understood, I’m not advocating the "turning of any cheek". I am advocating for Direct Action of dealing with and the possible disposing of people who are either Bullies, Destructive Racist (actively negatively impacting people), Bigots, Active Convicts (meaning Ex-Convicts that are out here wilfully hurting people).


One of the biggest issues I see as a Social Scientist is that people believe that they should have "the Right to Free Speech". This is something that we should reconsider or revise at the very least. Again, the reason being is because people use it as a smoke screen to hide their true intentions. It is my position as a Sociologist and Professional Firearm Education and Training Consultant that when it comes to the Right of Free Speech it should be revised as follows:


"You have the Right to Free Speech as long as you do not maliciously intend to cause another social harm or undue stress."


Furthermore, there are people out here that believe that people have the Right to be Racist. I’m here to simply tell you




We need to start banning "Malicious Free Speech" and putting laws on the books that serve as a measure of Checks and Balances for two reasons. The first is to stop Racism because Racist hide behind it[Free Speech] in order to advance their Agenda of Hate. Then secondly because this country has grown to immature too handle it. You simply cannot just "Say what you want" without repercussion. Remember for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.


Bearing False Witness and Slander. Harassing the Police Department

Many despise African Americans that show Self-Confidence and have a good sense of Self-Esteem

The use of Harassment towards Gun Ranges



The use of fear tactics to manipulate me. It doesn't work I'm immune to it. Plus I never been to that Military base. So in this case it's Slander. Also they encourage people to File False Reports to the Police which is a Crime within itself itself. Racist referring to me as an African American as a "Monkey" and "Gorilla". Hatred is shown towards the New Black Panthers

 Racism by a supposed Police Officer

 Holding my position against the KKK

Public outrage against the people who slander my name.

Public outrage against the people who slander my name.

NRA Instructor Expressing Bigotry

The admission of using "Shaming Tactics"


 United States Marine admits "I'm here for the Hate"





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