I want to take the time pout to say thank you for viewing the video. In this article I want to talk about some of the gear that was featured in the video. Some people may agree and some people may not agree with what I’m going talk about. But I urge you to understand the following:


"Everything is not for everybody."


With that said, what you needs are may not be what the needs are for other people. Military and Police needs are different than that of the Civilian Operator™. So just be mindful of that. Like I stated in the video, there is a very, very, very slim chance that I would need to use such gear. It not that I don’t train in it from time to time, but as a Civilian Operator™ I just know that my day to day Operators will most likely not allow me to “Kit Up”. So with that said let’s talk about the gear in the video.



Again, as stated in the video this is a great company that is located in Fayetteville NC that hand makes almost all of the gear that they sell in the store. I think that amazing, because all too often you will find that some companies have their products manufactured overseas. It doesn’t make them good or bad it just is what it is. The Plate Carrier that I have had a price point of roughly $175.00 at the time.


The MOLLE attachments were very secure on the Plate Carrier and the hook and look (Velcro) was on point in it was in just the right places on the carrier. The Cummerbund is changeable. Meaning that you can swap out different Cummerbunds as needed. The Cummerbund that I have allows for the installment of extra side Armor Plates (armor) if I wish to have them.


Just know that installing extra Plates will increase the overall weight of the Plate Carrier. Advance Warfighting Solutions also offer a more “slicker” Cummerbund that allows for more breathability for the Operator.


Another product that I have attached to the back of the Plate Carrier MOLLE webbing is a Hydration Pouch that perfectly fits the CamelBak Bladder. Again, great design and the stitching is on point for the Hydration Pouch as well.



The Hera Arms Magazines that I have are the older Magazines that they were phasing out because they had a new line that they wanted to bring out. For me that’s ok. Unlike most people I don’t have the need to chase down the newest Magazines or any other products on the market so that I can feel good about myself, unfortunately many people do in the Gun Game.


These Magazine only costed me $5.00 per Magazine (at the time – I caught the sale) and as I stated in the video: “My only regret is that I didn’t order more at the time.” These Magazines and I’m quite sure the newer Magazines are just as “solid”. The Hera Arms Magazine holds the standard 30 rounds and they come in multiple colors. I opted for the Olive Drab (green) color. The newer generation of Hera Arms Magazines feature a “window” so that you can conduct a round count – mines do not. The Magazines are of great construction.



If you haven’t heard of AR500 by now you have been living under a rock. These Armor Plates are Level Four which means that they can take multiple direct hits with Rifle caliber ammunition. To be more precise AR500 Armor Plates can withstand multiple impacts with Rifle caliber rounds. There are plenty of people on You-Tube that have videos demonstrating to not only the quality of AR500 Armor Plates but also to the fact that AR500 Armor Plates actually work.



I have to say that I really love the Magazine Holster innovation by High Speed Gear. I particularly take favor to the Taco Pouches that have because it allows me from having to attach too much crap to my Plate Carrier. Another great things about these Magazine Pouches is that they allow me to utilize almost any kind of Pistol and Rifle Magazine without having to switch Magazine Holsters.


In addition, the Magazine Pouches that I have attached to my Plate Carrier and Battle Belt allows me to carry both pistol and rifle magazines at the same time. Yes they are “Double Stacked”. It is my professional position that I like my “Kit” to be a minimalistic as possible. Meaning – I don’t like or need a bunch of crap on my Plate Carrier. I only need what works and or what is needed for whatever endeavor I’m getting ready to engage in.



The VTAC Battle Belt is another great piece of Kit that I have. I got it when it first came out – so of course there has been some “updates” by now. One of those updates is that the total overall width of the belt has been decreased by some manufactures. With that being said I would tell you to take your pick as to which kind of Battle Belt you are considering to purchase.


The quality of the belt is good in the fact that MOLLE Webbing are really sewn on good. I have seen MOLLE Webbing that have either easily came apart or simply failed to withstand the load that was webbed into it. There’s a lot of good manufactures out there VTAC is a good one.



Blackhawk is really known as the gold standard of Passive Resistance Holster for the Pistol Platform. But in the case of the Single Point Sling that I have attached to my Plate Carrier I have to say that it is well constructed. The only issue that I have with it is that it is a little too thick. But the “thickness” is not something that you can’t work around if you have an issue with it.



The Bladder of the unit is durable and the valve affords the wearer the ability to “sip” or “stream”. What I mean by stream is that the valve can be opened in order to allow a continuous stream of water to be expelled from the unit. This comes in handy when you have to irrigate things such as cuts.



The Safariland Holster that I have attached to the VTAC Battle Belt is one that uses a G-Code male and female Attachment so that it “plays well” with the MOLLE Webbing. The good news about the G-Code male and female attachment piece is that it allows for me quickly and easily take off and on the holster so that I can attach a different holster for a different weapon system.



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