"If they are Black shoot them." Words of Police Officer Todd Shaw


The question that we should really be asking ourselves is: "Are we holding Police Officers accountable enough?" I mean sure we can fire Officer "Todd Shaw". But is that really enough punishment for his actions? Now some people will play the "Free Speech" card, at least until someone says something that they take offence to. However, when it comes to issues such as racism in Police ranks I cant help but wonder why isn't there more severe actions taken against Police Officers who emit or engage in this kind of behavior?


I'm bringing the issue of racism in the Police ranks to light because this is a very serious issue with implications that are even more far reaching than what the public is being led to believe. Racism in a nut shell is a Cognitive Bias, and by know if you have been following me this is a topic that I touch on quite frequently.


Now, I would like for  you to understand something; since we are all Human we will ALL have some sort of Cognitive Bias towards or against something - no matter how small the Cognitive Bias may be. Consequently, it is our Cognitive Biases that reveal who and more importantly what our true character is.

Cobb County Police Lt. Greg Abbott saying: "We only kill Black People."


What I'm saying if I am saying anything is that now is the time that we need to overhaul and expeditiously upgrade our Police Officers. That's why I am going to provide a free and open consultation to ALL Police Agencies in the United States of America. What I mean by this is that I am going to provide at least four solutions that can aid in Police Agencies in reducing the amount of Police Officers that hold racist and bigoted views toward the people that they are Policing. Those four solutions are as follows:








The first thing that  would recommend to Police Agencies nationwide that all Police Officers obtain at least a Bachelors Degree in order to be considered to employment as a Police Officer. The reason for this is simple. The more you know regarding the world around you concerning the people in it, the more likely you are to Police without having stereotypical, racist, bigoted and cognitively biased views.


When you receive a Higher Education it forces you to explore topics and research that you may not feel comfortable exploring and researching. Thus, it gives you a special insight into how other people may view the world that you share. Over time this aids the Police Officer (student) in being not only respectful and tolerate of views and perspectives that may be contrary to yours. But it aids the Police Officer in how to engage in Conflict Resolution Skills, Critical Thinking and Interpersonal Skills.



It was reported in 2015 by datausa.com that Caucasian Police Officers made up 78% of all jobs in Policing based on submitted agency reported data as opposed to Minority Groups such as African Americans that didn't even make up 13% of the jobs as Police Officers. Other Minorities such as Asians and Native American made up even less, I'm talking less than 2% of all reported jobs as Police Officers!


This is one of the major contributing factors as to why the Public views Police Officers the way they do which is typically in a negative light. No matter how "un-racist" and "un-problematic" many Police Officers are, it's because of the views of the dominate perspective of the vast majority of Caucasian Police Officer's that constitute Policing Agencies. Simply put, if 8 out of 10 people view something one way then other two people are more than likely going to feel some adverse way about it. There simply no getting around this.



Again, datausa.com reported that women held less that 14% of all jobs as Police Officers. This is a major problem. The reason as to why it is a problem is because women are less likely to use Deadly Force and more likely to utilize Interpersonal Skills as well as other methods of deescalation in order to resolve issues in the field. 


This is key because in this day and age, no longer are people putting up with the hard-line approach of "I'M THE POLICE". The society is changing and Police Agencies around the country are feeling that "Social Heat". This is why Police are always being filmed and the request for body camera's are soaring.


SIDE NOTE: Some people suffer from PTSD because of aggressive Police interactions.


Women bring something special to the table when it comes to Policing, they [women] should not be ignored. Women have the uncanny ability to get things done without having to resort to aggressive Policing Strategies. Which rolls directly into my next recommendation for Police Agencies around the country.



Women again should be taking charge on this one. Woman are our mothers, aunts, sisters and nieces. They are the ones that birthed us, raised us, fed us, cooked for us, cared for us when we were sick who better to lead Community Police Programs than women. Women are way less abrasive than men and often deliver superior results. If you haven't noticed "The Game" is no longer centered around "muscle" - it's now "mental". If you can control the mind you don't have to worry about what the body does - for the body follows the mind.


Look, by increasing Community Engagement by Community Policing, you [Police] have the opportunity to teach and education the Public on how and why Policing works in the fashion that it does. That's right, this is about building a relationship with the people that you are Policing. Now is not the time to fuck that up with aggressive hard-lining tactics.


In fact, now is the time to be as transparent as ever. Show people how "The System" works, and I mean the inner system! Show them how N.I.C.S. and N.C.I.C. works, break "The Blue Wall of Silence" and tell the Public the fucking truth about how "The System" works both the positive and the negative. Believe it or not they already know that Courts, Jails, Prisons, Judges and Politicians are making money off of them (Prison Industrial Complex). So you might as well come clean.


Last but not least - stop locking up so many African American men. Hell, you want us to work with you, then you gotta work with us. Granted I know some people no matter the ethnicity just don't give a fuck - I used to work in a Prison. I got that. Turn the heat up on them when they get there (Jail and or Prison) - make them feel it. But outside of that relax on that "I'M THE POLICE" shit. Keep it up, sooner rather than later - you being a Police Officer won't fucking matter. I think that Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute said it the best: "When people lose everything and they have nothing else to lose - they lose it". Don't believe us, here's a few case studies. 


  • U.S. Marshall Christopher D. Hill

  • South Carolina Police Officer Doty

  • Virgina Police Officer Ashley Guindon (first day on Patrol)

  • Dallas Police Officers:
               Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens
               Officer Michael Krol
               Sgt. Michael Smith
               DART Officer Brent Thompson
               Officer Patricio "Patrick" Zamarripa

  • NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia


The one that takes the cake Illegal Alien Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes who killed one Civilian Motorist in order to obtain a vehicle to get away and two California Sheriff's. One from Placer County and from the other from Sacramento. Their names are as follows:


  • Sacramento Sheriff Deputy Danny Oliver

  • Placer sheriff's Deputy Michael Davis Jr


According to Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes his only regret is:


"I wished he could have killed more of them motherfuckers."


Let that sink in. Even though the number of Police Officers killed every year are few, this should be proof positive there are people out there that ain't fucking playing with you. All of these Officers deaths could have been prevented. Community Policing is very much neded and needs to be done in the most effective way as possible.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: It's time we face the fact that we no longer have a Crime Issue. We  have Socio-economic Issue.




  • https://datausa.io/profile/soc/333050/#demographics

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