In one of my previous articles entitled: "ANALYSIS NRA (CORPORATE POWER) + STATE=FASCISM" I have warned you about how Fascism has been taking over this country. Feel free to click the link below to read the article:




This time we have the combining of not only a Private Corporation the NRA, which is a (501c3), and the The President  of the United States Donald Trump. But now there is both a Russian Political and Russian Criminal Element involved in the mix. I believe it was former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura who also warned that something like this could happen in regards to a foreign interest manipulating the Presidential Elections here in the United States. Jesse Ventura stated (paraphrasing):


"I think that Presidential Candidates should wear NASCAR Jackets that show all the corporations that donated money to them."


Again, I'm paraphrasing to the best of my ability here. The former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura was right (like always) - gotta love that Jesse Ventura, especially in the movie Predator. This is a very big deal because elections such as these should be reserved for the people of this country (which we know they are not - that's one of the reasons why I don't vote).

Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura


But beyond that when foreign interests get involved in Presidential Elections it really should be making you question as to why they are in the first place. If you haven't figured it out I will "hook you up" so to speak. The job and the only job of the NRA is to pass legislation so that the Gun Manufactures who contribute millions of dollars to the NRA can capitalize on those laws being passed by selling the Public more guns that they don't need.


Here's the kicker - when anyone "donates" or gives a "contribution" to any Non-Profit 501c3 they can in turn file a Tax Return during Income Tax Season and get the money back!


That's right.They [Gun Manufactures] pay a little something to get twice as much in return. What do I mean by twice as much? The Gun Manufactures who "give", "donate" or "contribute" to the NRA get what they gave to the NRA back along with the profits generated with the gun sales that they reap because the NRA passed laws that enables them with the opportunity to generate gun sales.


Watch this, there's more. Here we have a Russian Senator by the name of Aleksandr Porfiryevich Torshin who aided in setting up a "Gun Rights" advocacy group in Russia by the name of "Right to Bear Arms" which shares the same business model of the NRA and other "Gun Rights" organizations here in the United States of America. Now we all now that Russia has strict gun laws.


But if he could utilize his organization as a "Change Agent" he [Senator Aleksandr Porfiryevich Torshin] could stand to benefit the most by becoming the biggest legal gun-running organizations in Russia. That's right the Gun Manufactures of Russia would be tipping in to fund his organization because it means more money in their pocket. It should also be known that Senator Aleksandr Porfiryevich Torshin is also a high ranking official within the Central Bank in Kremlin.


But just when you thought it was over there's even more. Senator Aleksandr Porfiryevich Torshin is also in bed with the Russian Criminal Organization by the name of Тамбовская Братва or Tambovskaya Bratva also known in Russia as "Тамбовская преступная группировка, Tambovskaya prestupnaya gruppirovka".


I know, the Russian language looks like all the keys on a Calculator TI-84 that you never use right (it's a class four level language)! But even still, this Criminal Outfit specializes in the following: contract killing, loan sharking, prostitution, bootlegging, construction management, money laundering, robbery and theft, and legitimate business. One's mind could wonder for days in regards to why a Criminal Organization would want to be involved in the Arms Trade. Sounds like a coup d' etat on the horizon to me. Something to think about.


I'm just saying. Do the math; A Criminal Organization plus, high ranking official in the Central Bank of the Kremlin, plus the transfer of funds to a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation (NRA) and then the NRA the direct funding and political endorsement to a Presidential Candidate here in the United States of America should equate to some pretty interesting things.


Like I told my Client Shaneen Allen, "Everyone has an angle. Whats yours?" I say that to say this. No one does something for you without wanting something in return, especially in the political arena. Hence, this situation is no different.


I mean Senator Aleksandr Porfiryevich Torshin has been speaking at the NRA Conventions right? They gotta get you used to the face right? But this goes back to what I was saying in the above paragraph. Altruism just doesn't rank high on the scales here in the United States.


Thus, hardly no one does anything for anyone for free, especially in the political arena. But you already knew that right? So with that said; do you really think that the NRA is going to let Senator Aleksandr Porfiryevich Torshin speak at a NRA convention without getting anything in return? The answer is:




To prove my point, we will turn to the website: "National Review" and I'll leave it right there (well right here).


"The NRA spent about $30 million in the push to get Trump elected. That was three times more than the association forked up in favor of Romney’s 2012 bid. The $30 million is just part of the $55 million the NRA spent on Republican candidates overall — and the figure may be closer to $70 million when spending not counted in required reporting is factored in."




  • http://www.nationalreview.com/article/455614/russia-national-rifle-association-trump-campaign-alexander-torshin-maria-butina-organized-crime


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