Officer Travis C. Hakes is on the right


Anyone can be struck by stupidity, especially the LAST POLICE OFFICER I wrote about in a past article entitled: “ANALYSIS: THE DUMBEST POLICE OFFICER - EVER". Click the link below:


So without further due I would like for you to meet Travis C. Hakes. It appears that he is a POLICE OFFICER with the Lake Hallie Police Department located in Chippewa, Wisconsin. The reason I’m writing about this particular individual is because I have deemed it necessary to classify him as a Case Study for VODA Clients to observe so that they can see that even though a person may be in a Position of Authority, they too can project faulty cognition.


Again, in the last article I wrote entitled: “CASE STUDY | RUSTY GUENARD & HIS DECLINING MENTAL HEALTH”, I took the time out to articulate that I take Mental Health and Firearm Ownership very serious. However, yet here I am again having to point out the fact that there may be another Firearm Owner and this time a POLICE OFFICER that may indeed have some kind of Mental Health issues. The reason I can stand on this position is because in an article written by Bruce E. Mapes, Ph.D., and Samuel Knapp, Ed.D. entitled: “Cyber-Harassment and Cyber-Stalking”; when it came to people that engage in Cyber-Harassment the Authors had this to say:


“CH [Cyber-Harassment] involves the intent to attack character or reputation. Both may be driven by revenge, mental illness, jealousy, or anger, but CH may also be driven by the desire to intimidate or embarrass the victim.”


This is very important to know for several reasons: the first because it establishes the INTENT or MOTIVE of the Perpetrator of the Crime. I would say that this is problematic because Travis C. Hakes is an Officer of the Law. That’s right, he is in fact violating the very Laws that he swore to uphold and defend!


Officer Travis C. Hakes engaging in Cyber-Harassment


Secondly, he is in a Position of Authority. Again this is very problematic because since I am able to establish that he has indeed committed a Crime (Cyber-Harassment), it is only fair to wonder if he has engaged in this kind of socially destructive behavior with anyone else as a POLICE OFFICER. Remember he is in a Position of Public Trust. Moreover, since people who engage in Cyber-Harassment do so under the guise of anonymity, you can’t help but wonder does he exploit it?


This anonymity and or his Power of Authority since he is in a Position of Authority that Travis C. Hakes currently holds can be used in conjunction with a whole host of related Cyber-Crimes? If so, is there a possibility that he has also committed other socially destructive crimes in person? To support my position and warranted questions we again turn to Authors Bruce E. Mapes, Ph.D., and Samuel Knapp, E.D.; they state the following:


“The anonymity of the Internet often empowers the individual to send multiple e-mails or text messages to the victim or to the victim’s significant others. Or the individual may hack into the victim’s computer; sign up the victim for spam or porn sites; send offensive e-mails in the name of the victim; or post on Web sites and include fabricated, misrepresented, or embellished information about the victim.”


Again, this is important to know because if it could be proven that this POLICE OFFICER (Travis C. Hakes) may in fact have a Mental Health Condition, that would mean that he is a danger to not only his fellow Officers but to the welfare of the general public as well. Looking at the other end of the spectrum, what if he does have a Mental Health Issue but he has Anger issues instead?


This too can be very problematic because if he is not seeking Anger Management Therapy or Counseling, then he still poses a credible risk to his fellow Officers and the general welfare of the Public at large. I mean what if he get to the point where a Suspect does something and he can’t control his anger? Would he be more inclined to shoot a Suspect before his fellow Officers? If so, then he can be considered a High Risk Officer to his Department.

Officer Travis C. Hakes engaging in Cyber-Harassment


It is my professional position that anyone who engages in Cyber-Harassment and owns a firearm may constitute a risk to the general public at large. Why? Because you never know if the victim or the perpetrator of the Cyber-Harassment will meet on the street. According to Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. in the Typologies section of the website “” he stated the following:


"Cyber Harassment is the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to harass, control, manipulate or habitually disparage a child, adult, business or group without a direct or implied threat of physical harm.”


This is key because even though the Perpetrator of the Crime harassed the victim without the INTENT of “a direct or implied threat of physical harm”, the victim may very well feel compelled to engage in violence to defend themselves towards the Perpetrator because of the overwhelming feelings harbored due to the acts of Cyber-Harassment that override Logic and Judgment. Again, supporting my position, according to Bruce E. Mapes, Ph.D., and Samuel Knapp, Ed.D.:


“Victims may experience a variety of symptoms, including but not limited to anger, demoralization, withdrawing, hypervigilance, avoidance of the computer, excessive self-consciousness, sleep disturbance, nightmares, impairment in concentration and memory, hypersensitivity to the comments or actions of colleagues and clients, and other symptoms common to prolonged stress.”


It was also reported by Bruce E. Mapes, Ph.D., and Samuel Knapp, Ed.D. that:


“The Harasser needs to be in control and wants to debate.”


This is another big issue because since Travis C. Hakes is a POLICE OFFICER, there's no tell how he will respond during a Traffic Stop if the subject feels the need to challenge his Authority and he can’t get the last word. What may have seemed like a routine Traffic Stop could turn out to be a lethal encounter because he failed to incorporate little to any De-escalation Techniques. Or he at the very least made an ordinary Traffic Stop to be more than what it should have been. This is something to think about.

 This is not true. In fact it was Samuel Hayes III that reported me because I would NOT let him in on my company and because of his of envy. See the picture below.

If it were left up to me, Officer Travis C. Hakes would be out of a job. I can say this for several reasons. I know that his department has provided briefings regarding a Code of Conduct for Social Media for its Officers. He has violated Public Trust. He has engaged in Inter-State Crime via Cyber-Harassment. Lastly, he has displayed underlying signs of mental and or emotional instability.

Officer Hakes engaging in Slander and Defamation of Character. No VODA Client has never been shot in a session as ammunition is not allowed in the session. 


It is my position that Travis C. Hakes may be a "High Risk Officer".






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