I'm not the type just to jump on anything. In short, I’m not a dick-rider like most of the people that are in the Gun Game. But when it comes to the Glock 19x it just seems as if Glock is trying desperately to reinvent the perfect wheel that they constructed so many years ago. I say this because it is my professional position that the current Glock Pistol Platform simply cannot get any better than what it is.


Shame to say that any spin off that Glock makes off of it current platform is simply a waste of money. That’s right Conspicuous Consumption at its finest. For those that don't know what Conspicuous Consumption is click the link to the following article below.



Again, the Glock 19x is simply a waste of fucking money. You want a smaller gun you can get any version of the variety of Compact Glock’s currently on the market. If you want any After-Market Accessories purchase them on your own and install them, which will be significantly cheaper but overpriced. If you want an Ambidextrous Slide Release purchase one (and that shit is over priced too). No Finger Grooves on the Glock 19x – who gives a fuck? You want Magazine Extensions go buy some. You want a different color Glock get an 80% Lower and a Slide or paint your current existing Glock that is in your possession.

RULE OF THUMB: Weapons are meant to be felt not seen.

Speaking of which, what is with this over-excessive fascination with colored guns? It just seems like people in the Gun Game purchase guns for the same reason kids pick out Lunch Boxes. What’s really got me like “What the fuck?” is the price point for this pistol: $750.. (without tax) dollars according to Jared Keller over at “Task & Purpose”. 6 words:


Professionally I rather take a used Glock and add whatever accessories to it that I want for a much lower price point, which for me is consist of nothing more than a Trigger Weight Reduction.

All the goofy ass Slide Cuts, excessive color and other silly ass nonsense that people add to their guns is yet again wasteful and quite frankly doesn’t mean shit when you get into a shooting and the POLICE have to confiscate your firearm for the sole purpose of collecting “Evidence”. My message to Glock is very simple:


“Fuck is wrong with you, you made a Perfect Pistol Platform. You don't have to do anything else. Now if your just trying to make a quick sale to recoup what you lost as far as R&D to compete to become the Army's Pistol that’s one thing; but to be wasteful is another thing. If you want some ideas on how to revolutionize something in the Gun Game you know how to contact me.”

Bottom line when it comes to the Glock 19x (and really anything based on the current Glock Pistol Platform) should be considered nothing than Conspicuous Consumption at it’s finest. And this leads to nothing more than Excessive Industrial Waste.



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