So, as you already know the National Conceal Carry Reciprocity Law has been passed. For many, the passing of this Law is considered it to be a big deal. For people like me, it is nothing more than “Poli-Legal” masturbation. This Law is being championed by my Client Shaneen Allen. And I for one can say that I’m proud to see her pushing forth a Bill that should stop anyone from having to face the situation that she found herself in.


I’m not here to dispute that. But what I am here to talk about is the fact that I hold the position that the National Reciprocity Law may not be the best Law to solve the issue that comes with what I like to call “Inter-State Firearm Travel”. The issue that comes with Inter-State Firearm Travel are the variations of the Gun Laws on the books that have not only negatively impacted Shaneen Allen but has also negatively impacted many other people around this country.


To my knowledge nothing has really actually changed since the National Reciprocity Law has took effect. Truth be told most people don’t travel across State Lines like that (but I digress). In fact, I hold the position that the newly changed Law will be more of a liability than an asset for people that Conceal Carry. When I had this conversation with a couple of people they asked me “Why?” of course I gave them the complete run down but I will only express of couple of reasons as to why my position takes a negative tone concerning the newly passed National Conceal Carry Reciprocity Law.






Let’s start with States Rights. States such as New York, Maryland, California, and New Jersey generally do not issue Conceal Carry Licenses and Permits to the Residents of their States even though they have a “May Issue” Clause in effect. But I argue that the Federal Law tramples on these States Rights to put in place their legislation regarding firearms and how and if their Residents can have a Conceal Carry License or Permit.


Why is this important to understand – because these States may have either a political tug-a-war going on or a different kind of criminal element to deal with that may or may not be more aggressive than other States. So by infringing on these States Rights via passing the National Reciprocity Law this provides yet a slippery slope for other Laws to be passed that have the potential to infringe on States Rights. Case in point, arguments for and against National Healthcare, Abortion and Women’s Rights.


Another thing that concerns me is the lack of relevant training across State Lines. In some States you can conceal a firearm without any Permits and without any training. In other States you can Conceal Carry a firearm with training that is not relevant to the threats that Conceal Carriers will have to face.


Moreover, the majority of States only teach you how to safely own and operate a Pistol – not how to fight with one which is what’s needed for Personal Protection and SD (Self-Defense) Applications. I mean people are Conceal Carrying in case they have to fight right? But what’s ironic about it is that hardly any States have an actual Gun-Fighting program to facilitate such realistic uses for the Conceal Carrying of a Pistol.

In Georgia you do not need any training whatsoever to Conceal Carry a Pistol – I wonder what’s that going to look like when the average Georgia Resident takes their ass up to “Chiraq” (Chicago my home). This is important because without having to go through any training either within the realm of Law or actually relevant Gun-Fighting training this sets them up for a recipe for disaster if the Georgia Resident has to discharge a firearm in Chicago for whatever reason.


Like, what is the Georgia Resident going to say? “Since I can fire under these grounds in Georgia I should be able to fire under these grounds in Chicago!” Get the fuck out of here! Understand that States can if they wish but they can still do not have to adhere to the National Reciprocity Law; New York, New Jersey, Maryland and California simply will not honor it.


Remember the idea is to be consistent! I’m not even going to talk about trivial things that should be taken into consideration such as Magazine Capacity and firearm type. Yes, if you didn’t know some States do not allow certain firearms to be owned or possessed within the confines of their State. This is true even if the firearm is a commonly carried make and model.


Lastly, there are too many conflicting Laws on the books. What you can do in one State you cannot simply do in another. This should be able to be understood without further explanation.


I will say this, the only way the National Reciprocity Law makes sense is if it addresses and adequately satisfies the relative Gun-Fighting, Cognition, and Training needed to aid people to survive in the conditions that they have to face within the legal parameters of the Law.


And I haven't even touched on the subject of Mental Health - that's the real heart of the matter.



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