Get ready for the next VODA literary work: “THE OCCULT GUN-FIGHTER - CIVILIAN OPERATOR™”. What makes this book special is that I really took the time out to explore the Gun-Fighter and the Civilian Operator™ from an occult premise and perspective. In doing so, while writing this book I was able to synthesize why and how that premise serves as the most essential element as to why the Civilian Operator™ and Gun-Fighter operates and fights in the manner that he or she does.  


Even more than that, this book explores the occult version of Law and how it plays a central part in the Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) of the Civilian Operator™ and the Gun-Fighter alike. This is important because there is a significant difference between understanding and knowing how and why the Law works in the capacity that it does and how and why it affects us in the seemingly endless ways that it does.

Other topics that are explored within this body of work are Gun-Fighting Theory and Application, creation and application of the E.D.A./E.C.K.™ Shooting Platform, the role of Cybernetics, O.O.D.A., and M.A.R.S.™. In addition to that, this body of work will also cover Fight-Efficiency™, The Five Degrees of Focus of Gun-Fighting and how it plays a role in the Cognition and shooting discipline of the Gun-Fighter and Civilian Operator™. Moreover, this body of work imparts for the first time ever in the history of Shooting the “Laws of Engagement™” for the Gun-Fighter and Civilian Operator™ as well as so much more!


A lot of people in the Gun Game have expressed over the years that they sincerely wish to obtain a glimpse of how and why VODA Logic™ is set the way it is. Shooters, Gun-Fighters and Civilian Operators™ alike often sought to obtain the understanding needed so that they could be more in tune as to why and how I provide training in the fashion that I do. Well I’m happy to say that I have listened to those request and I am now fulfilling those request for the inquiring minds!

Just so you know, writing “THE WOMAN’S FIREARM GUIDE” which is available on in Black and White ($17) as well as Color ($40) was not only a ground breaking and highly informative body of work; but to write it simply felt extremely good. However, it is my forecast that this book: “THE OCCULT GUN-FIGHTER - CIVILIAN OPERATOR™” will be yet another very good read for people that wish to understand how and why the Gun Game works in the fashion that it does as well as to why VODA Logic™ operates in the way that it does.


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