In front of the Washington D.C. Police Headquarters

What a glorious day - U.S.S. has yet again done the imposible! If you don't know who the U.S.S. (Urban Sharp Shooters) are by now you been living under a rock! The President of the U.S.S. has again made history by one op the first to obtain a Washington D.C. Conceal Carry Permit!!! This feat comes after getting several firearms to be approved on the Maryland Police acceptance/purchase list! Yes, if you didn't know Maryland actually has a "list" as to which firearms can be legally sold within THE STATE OF MARYLAND!



The President of the number one Gun Club in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has opened the doors for other residents of Washington D.C. to obtain the possibility for them to get their Conceal Carry Pistol License as well! Based on first-hand knowledge I can personally attest that it sure was a Lengthy and tedious process to obtain a Washington D.C. Conceal Carry Pistol License, But it was a process that took extreme patients and the willingness to meet the requirements needed in order to qualify for the Washington D.C. Conceal Carry Pistol License. For the record it did seem like an impossible task!

During my trip to Maryland roughly 4 months ago I stood in line (in the Gun Control Section)  with my brother as he filled out the strenuous paperwork required to obtain a Washington D.C. Conceal Carry Pistol License. I as a Resident of North Carolina I was really used to it being a fairly simple process in order to obtain a Conceal Carry Handgun License then it was in contrast to Washington D.C.

Some cock-sucking jerks like this trolling racist cunt (above) hates anything any person of color achieves despite the obstacles put in front of us. (He threaten to report us as a "Black Extremist" group. U.S.S. is fully integrated - we are international.) Two words: DUMB ASS

Many of the questions that were asked on the application in order to qualify for a Washington D.C. Conceal Carry Pistol License, North Carolina simply doesn’t show any interest in asking. However, every Jurisdiction has its own mode of operation concerning the Law in which how their Citizens may qualify for Concealed Carry Licenses (if its allowed).

Some people just didn't think it was possible!

It is at this time that I would like to say thank you to my brother and the President of the Urban Sharp Shooters for having the courage and the patients needed in order to obtain a Washington D.C. Conceal Carry Pistol License. I hope that his victory serves as a beacon of hope for all of the residents of the Washington D.C. area who may qualify for Conceal Carry Pistol Licenses to get out there train, reach the right level of proficiency needed as far as shooting and apply!

Hats off to Urban sharp Shooters (U.S.S.), you’ve manage to once again make a door where there was no door so that others may follow in your footsteps. This is why I can proudly say that I'm an Urban Sharp Shooter and this yet another reason amongst many reasons as to why you should join Urban Sharp Shooters! It is truly the number one gun club in the United States that makes things happen. Any other club is nothing more than a carbon copy.


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