The avocation of the AR-15’s is all I see. When I see the AR-15 as I scroll through my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds or any other Social Media platform it simply turns me off (ugh). If an on looker didn’t know any better it would almost seem as if we don’t make any other weapon system other than a god-damn AR-15.  


Frankly, I’m tired of looking at the motherfucker. Simply put, if the AR-15 is the only weapon system that you know how to operate then you are severely shortsighted. I say this for a couple reasons and those two reasons are as follows:





The reason why I say this is because it is imperative that you understand that there are more weapon systems in the gun game than the AR-15. There are so many different weapon systems out there that you should be exploring that will make you a more will round it Shooter and or Gun-Fighter. I will tell you like until every single VODA Client:

“The more tools you have in your toolbox, the more chaos you can create on the battlefield.”


However, the opposite is also true, if you don’t have the correct tools needed for the job and not have enough diversified tools in your toolbox then how can you expect to effectively and efficiently overcome the Enemy when you don’t have the tools necessary to facilitate such an end? Furthermore, when you willfully put yourself in a position to have Limited Knowledge you inherently put yourself in a position to have Limited Skill.

 FAMAS (If you can get your hands on one)

This is something to think about because only the wise can see the value in one possessing a diversified knowledge base. Even more than that, the more knowledge you have the more power you have to make sound decisions and the more likely you are to have the ability to partake in making calculated risks in order to further achieve your goals; which in this case is the destruction of your Enemy.

 PTR (not shown) CETME (Shown)

This is not to say that you or anyone else can possess “Unlimited Knowledge”, no one does and no one ever will. However, make it a point to gain the right degree of familiarity, state of awareness and efficient level of understanding in regards to other weapon systems in order to bring about the robustness needed while operating any other weapon system. In doing so, you will not only gain a strong theoretical base and a deeper practical base with weapons than if you only operated with a Limited Knowledge base.

REMEMBER: experiencing multiple weapon systems goes a long way.



Another Shooting Pathology that comes to mind if the AR-15 is the only weapon system you know how to use is the fact that you put yourself in the position to be Operationally Handicapped. For many people this can be considered new terminology (Operationally Handicapped). When you are Operationally Handicapped, you are in effect limited in what functions, capabilities and assets you have at your disposal in order to overcome your Enemies.

 SIG 556

One of the biggest questions that I ask people is: "What happens when your rifle goes down (i.e. ran out of ammunition or malfunction)?" "What happens when your weapon system is not available for use at the time you actually needed it but a foreign weapon system was/is?" Remember you are most likely to use whatever you have at your disposal.


What do you do if the AR-15 is the only weapon system (rifle) that you have knowledge of and you have to overcome this bad guy when you don’t have any first-hand knowledge on the weapon system that they’re using? Or, what do you do if their weapon system is available for you to use regardless of the circumstances of how you obtained the weapon?

 Steyr AUG

Remember there is no one size fits all in any of these scenarios in which you will find yourself should a SD (Self-Defense) or Personal Protection measure be deployed. Therefore, it is in your best interest to learn about as many weapons systems as possible.


Moreover, I would also like to say stop with the endless, childish, immature debates about whether an AR-15 is better than an AK-47/74 for example. It really doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that you have the right weapon system at the right time to do the right thing in order to render the right ends. 



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