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Me and my brother James McCoy President of the Urban Sharp Shooters spoke last night and he suggested that I should take the time out to shed some light on the "Real American Sniper", not the bullshit American Sniper most people know about, but again the "Real American Sniper". His name is Nicholas Irving better-known as "The Reaper". Another reason I  have chosen to highlight him is because Nicholas Irving is a native of Maryland; which is where my brother is from.

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To provide a very brief synopsis (and I do mean very brief), Nicholas Irving  enlisted into the U.S. Army. He was also apart of the 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Regiment (thus he sports a Tan Beret). To the bad guys while on deployment he was really something to be feared.


These accomplishments are not without their contrasting challenges. Nicholas Irving has been able to overcome many personal demons in his own life such as Alcoholism and PTSD. However even more than that I need you to know is that he's young, ambitious and African American.


Another good thing is that when it comes to Nicholas Irving you will find that there are no inflated and fabricated resumes, unlike so many of the people that are currently in the Gun Game. Why? Because I'm talking about someone dropping 33 bad guys in four months.

What I like about him is that he appears to be approachable. Not that I have personally talked to him or anything like that, but I honestly believe that he is a respectable individual and that he carries himself as such. I also believe that he does what he does because he has a certain sincerity in his heart that is hard to find now-a-days. So what this means is that he is not in it or does what he does for the fame and glory (which is commendable).


Even more than that, I really appreciated the fact that as I watched through his interviews he came across as  himself and as a real down to earth person that has truly grasp a firm understanding of life as well as being able to actually relate to people. I would even go as far to also say that even though he has done what he's done he still considers himself as a student and that's always a good thing.

Malzberg | Nicholas Irving discusses his experience as a sniper as covered in his book

But the sad thing is many people don't even know of him, or even know his name. So in an attempt to change that this is why I'm taking the time out to highlight him. Trust me it is my professional position that he is definitely worth knowing and talking about. I say raise your glass to The Real American Sniper: Nicholas "The Reaper" Irving.


P.S. That 1 mile and some change shot must have really been something. Two words: Great work!


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