Bump Fire Stocks, where do I begin? I will say this much, I had the opportunity to actually shoot a A.R.-15 modified with a Bump Fire Stock sometime ago. For those that have never had the opportunity to fire a rifle with  a fully automatic mode I can understand where the deviant sense of joy comes from by modifying your gun with a Bump Fire Stock. In addition, it has been my experience that the Bump Fire Stock can be summed up to be nothing more than a novelty item that is not worth the money they are selling it for.

To be non-bias, I would have to say that my position comes from the fact that I really don't see the need for any firearm that will be used for Personal Protection in regards to a Civilian Operator™ to have a fully automatic capability. I say this for the obvious reason of inquiring when and exactly where are you going to actually deploy a fully automatic firearm for SD (Self-Defense)? Truthfully The percentage is exceptionally low, probably lower than 0.00005%.

This is also coupled with the fact that every round fired has an Attorney attached to it. So for one to fire over a half a Magazine in less than two or three seconds via fully automatic firearm, I doubt the average individual will be able to have the amount of money required to justify using a fully automatic firearm to stop a bad guy in 2017. Trust me, a District Attorney would have a field day with a case like this. Don't believe me? Click the following link:


Furthermore, you would have to ask yourself, are you purchasing a Bump Fire Stock for the emotional thrill ride you get from it or are you actually really seeking to implement it into meaningful and practical training? Because if you're purchasing a Bump Fire Stock for $100.00 for the thrill then you absolutely headed in the wrong direction when it comes to owning a firearm for Personal Protection in the first place.

I say that because the key thing you have to understand is that every round you fire must have a purpose provided that you're actually training under the correct pretense. Thus, what now becomes most important is the intent of the Shooter. This is one of the most important things that we must consider when we attempt to determine the level of cognition and general aptitude of the Shooter. Especially under the guise of the Law.

Another thing I want to bring to your attention is the subject of Conspicuous Consumption. If you don't know what Conspicuous Consumption is I would recommend that you please refer back to the article entitled "ANALYSIS: INDUSTRY WASTE IN THE GUN GAME - Conspicuous Consumption" (Click the Link):




in which I took the time to shed some light on the role of waste that is created in the Gun Game by the shallow virtue of Conspicuous Consumption on both the Manufactures and the Consumer equally. Again, don't believe me? Click the following link:



My position is taken not because I have a firm position against excessively modifying your rifle and in this case modifying your rifle so that it can operate with a Bump Fire Stock. That doesn't mean that I am against firearms with fully automatic capabilities either.


It's just that at this stage in the Gun Game, you should be just as aware as a I am that many countries around the world do not have such limitations and or bands on fully automatic weapons like they do here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Now this is the part where many people will go on some kind of tangent to point out the fact that some countries that do not have any restrictions on fully automatic weapons have lower crime rates.

While this may be true on the surface, the key ingredient that is missing here is the fact that people in many other countries around the world have already developed the mental maturity required to actually own and operate a fully automatic firearm (amongst a host of other things) despite the fact of them not having restrictions on fully automatic weapons. This level of social maturity has not yet come to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

So, to get to the "heart" of the subject matter at hand. Many people would like to know if I think they should ban Bump Fire Stocks. And the answer to the question is unequivocably hell yeah. But I agree with banning them, but not for the reasons that you think. I mean at what point do we stop making stupid ass shit that people are more than likely never going to use practically in every day life?


If you ask me the ingenuity, mechanical inclination and economic means required to put into making a Bump Fire Stock and other stupid shit like it should be rerouted to educational programs that will facilitate the growth and development needed to help us not only as a society but humanity as a whole.

Again this is not to say that we should not love shooting because I love shooting. It's just it is my position that it's one thing to actually love shooting but it is another thing to make money off the ignorance of people just to sell them shit that they are never going to use and simply just don't need. Moreover, It is also my professional position that we can do better than this and we should be doing better than this.

We got homeless people, hungry people, uneducated people, broken homes, and socio-economic issues and the best thing we can do is make a damn Bump Fire Stock and wonder why other countries are laughing at us. Two words come to mind:



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