What more can I say? While in Baltimore and administering Firearm Education and Training for Urban Sharp Shooters I had the opportunity to fire the Beretta APX. I have to say it is a yet another great pistol. out of the box it is an Operators / Fighting Pistol. What I mean by that is that "the feel" of the gun is one that demands that it be shot. Another great thing about this Pistol is that it is robust in nature. It is very straight forward and there are not a lot of excessive Controls external of the gun and the Trigger is a Trigger that also demands that you press it.


In hindsight, the Beretta APX is the only gun that the military should have adopted period. The Sights on this gun are a standard 3 dot set up and can really be picked up by the eyes. I think that what makes this gun attractable is the slide. The way that Beretta manufactured the slide is exactly how I would done it to a large degree. The Cocking Serrations on the Slide are sort of "passive aggressive" in feel to me. I like that mainly because its different - and different is good in world full of "normal".


Moreover, the Beretta APX also has other positives as well such as having Interchangeable Back-straps, the Magazine Release can be reversed to either side and the Slide Stop of the Gun is ambidextrous. I quite sure people who choose to fire with their left hand can appreciate that. But it is my professional position that there is one more thing that Beretta could do but I will leave that up to Beretta to contact me for that information.

Furthermore the Bore Axis of the gun is low, but not at low as I would like. I think I will be waiting on that one for sure. Although I'm not into gun porn some people may find it interesting that the frame can be swapped out for another color (Gray, Tan or Oliver Drab Green). For the record they have a video on the Beretta website that you can watch. I would have punched it in right here but I'm just not digging that kind of bullshit rock music (Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit and Korn are my limits).


Anyways, while shooting the gun the Recoil that was exhibited was short and easy on the wrist (I have a joint disease remember). I would assume that this is because of the weight of the slide. Don't get me wrong, the gun is balanced unlike that of any of the Springfield XD's. What I mean by this is that its not too heavy but you know its there. But if Beretta is listening or watching this I would say this:


"I know why you choose to put this gun out in 9mm and I have taken note that you are now offering it in .40 - but if you don't make this gun in .45 you ain't shit (LOL)!


Lastly, if anyone at Beretta would wish to obtain my input on how to make this gun better off the books, shoot me an email at


Overall I love this gun.




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