When it comes to the FMK C1 pistol I have to say that it is a great Introduction Pistol at a great price. Today my Client who is a First Time Shooter but has been around guns for a while shot this pistol for the first time since she ordered it from for roughly $350.00.


The ammunition she also ordered with the FMK C1 arrived first but that was to be expected. After signing off on all the paperwork with the dealer we finally had the chance to really examine the firearm. To my surprise she ordered the pink one (I swear I thought I recommended the all black one!). But you know what, I rather have a happy shooter than a sad one (besides I dig the color pink - like whats there not to like?!)

 Moreover, as expected the FMK C1 is very GLOCK like. What I mean by this is that the Controls (Magazine Release, Take Down Levers, Sights and Slide Release) felt very familiar. The Chassis of the FMK C1 also had a very close resemblance to GLOCK. And I have to say that the Trigger Guard allows for glove use as long as they are not too thick.


Although I perceived the Slide as "rough" (for lack of better terms) and the Slide having no Front Cocking Serrations; I have to say that it's perceived "rough feel" provided me with a tactile feel that allowed me to cycle the slide with ease. I also have to say that I really appreciated the the Magazine Release as it was "noticeable". What I mean by that is that I can definitely feel that it was there but it did not get in the way. Moreover, when the Magazine was ejected from the Magazine Well of the gun, it did so very positively.


The Trigger was reminiscent of the GLOCK Trigger Safety. However the FMK C1 was slightly different in feel. To me it felt slightly more rounded than the GLOCK Trigger. The weight of the FMK C1 was right on point and the balance of this Weapon System was good. I also have to say that even though I'm not a fan of LCI's (Loaded Chamber Indicators), the way in which FMK engineered their LCI was "right on point".


Another positive is that is ate ALL the ammunition that is designated for its caliber (9x19). Everyone knows I love steel - I just do. If you don’t - who gives a fuck - I know I don’t. But anyways I purposely loaded the FMK C1 Magazines with random brands of 9x19 ammunition and the FMK C1 ate (fired) it all with no issues. The Recoil on the FMK C1 being a Compact Conceal Carry Pistol was "medium" and it had a "short bite" (for lack of better words) to it. with that being said, you know that you are shooting a 9x19 Round from a Compact Pistol when you press the Trigger.

 However, with all positives about this Weapon System there are two minor negatives.





The Client observed several Failures To Go Into Battery, but from my professional position I would say that it was due to the Client limping the wrist or simply not gripping the gun correctly (New Shooter). In hindsight it could also mean that the gun may have to pass a break in period. 


*WORTHY OF NOTE: - I actually shot a Magazine filled with mixed rounds. I did not encounter a Failure To Go Into Battery.*


I loaded a Magazine blew through it and had no issues. Even more than that, I think the only real issue with the FMK C1 is the Magazine Construction. I would recommended that FMK round out the edges of the Feed Lips a little more. I would also recommend that FMK rethink the placement of the Witness Holes and include three Magazines instead of two. That’s about it.


Although the Grip portion of the Frame of the Pistol is not a negative; it is also my professional position that FMK should consider making a more "aggressive" Grip and or  Frame.



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