All too often I get asked the following two parted question:


"Why do you point guns at your Clients and why do you let your Clients point guns at you?"


Sometimes depending on the person asking I will look at them and engage in fruitful conversation such as people like G.N. from Funker Tactical. Other times I look at the person that’s asking me the same question and simply refer them to my website: and tell them to get back to me (if I even tell them that).


Sometimes some people protest, but when I run into them I will not get into a verbal masturbation session with them. People like that just wish to hear themselves talk. However, by me referring them to the FAQ page on my website it soon becomes a no brainer by default. As an Academic Scholar, Teacher, Professor and Intellectual it is counterproductive to engage in a topic discussion with someone when they have demonstrated that they are unread on the subject matter at hand. In this case its in reference to the above two parted question:


"Why do you point guns at your Clients and why do you let your Clients point guns at you?"


So in conjunction to me drawing cave paintings, stick figures, hosting Kabuki Theaters 歌舞伎, building a business and going public and building a website and a blog site, demonstrating through actively educating VODA Clients and the community at large on film and then taking the time out to answer questions some people still for whatever reason either fall into or choose to do one of the following things:


Can’t understand


Won’t understand


They actually understand but because they have been so indoctrinated they choose to resist any change


After this entry there is nothing else I can do. So without further due, let us examine a scene from the motion picture "The Last Samurai" which stars Tom Cruise. I professionally think that it depicts an excellent example of what I’m educating people on what I do and and why I provide the Firearm Training and Education in he fashion that I do.


In this scene you have the "General" (for lack of better terms) who is demanding that the Troops being trained go into battle against the Samurai because they "we have a larger force and superior firepower": "they are savages with bows and arrows" while the Samurai in contrast do not (and will not use guns - its dishonorable). The train of thought exhibited by the "General" is indicative to how the Military and the majority of its supporters see things (with a very strong cognitive bias).


Then you have the selfish, boot licking, bo jangling, son of a bitch traitor to his own who translates for his Master (the General). He represents the vast majority of NRA instructors. On the flip side of things you have Tom Cruise (me VODA); whom of which is a little smarter then the "General" (military = most supporters) and more dignified than the "Shine" (translator = most NRA instructors) in this case.


Upon further review the character that Tom Cruise plays understands two things:


  1. He is waging war on a group of people (the Samurai) who were born into violence and are lifelong students of violence

  2. The Troops that he is training are no where near ready for actually combat


In order for Tom Cruise to demonstrate to the “General” that the Troops being trained are no where near ready for combat he demands that one Troop ready his weapon system, point, aim and shoot at him or he will kill him. Now although I don’t go to this extent with New and Intermediate Shooters I do so with Advanced Shooters. In some bulletin points below I will explain whats going on.


Even thought the Troop trains like he is ready for combat he shows that he is not because:


  • Of his unwillingness to point the gun at Tom Cruise

  • The Troop starts shaking and shit

  • The Troop second guessing himself even though he is under orders to execute an action

  • The Troop misses the shot - which in his case will result in death because of the times and circumstances he has to fight in


The real reasons as to why the Troops lost that first battle in this movie was because not only did they not have enough time for training but they did not train for reality. This is indicative to why the U.S. Military is losing to the groups such as the Taliban, Isis, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, and soon the Hamas. The question you should be asking yourself is why? And the reason is very simple. These so-called "extremist groups" (which they are not), are willing to die for what they believe while the average personnel in the U.S. Military is only there for a pay check. Don't take my word for it, stop paying Military Personnel and see how many of them actually show up for formation or even enlist at all; but I digress.


Wrapping things up, readers, it doesn’t get any clearer than that. I will train you to deal with real threats under the realist controlled conditions. Remember there is a reason for everything that I do. So with that said I will leave you with this.


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