"GLOCK what are you doing?" That was the question that came to mind when I saw this particular pistol. It's not that I didn't like it, is the fact that I saw it as a waste. It comes a time when you can only re-create the wheel so many times. Now, I carry a GLOCK pistol every day for SD (Self-Defense) And I have been doing so for over 10 years. And I can honestly back up the claim that the GLOCK pistol is a "Perfect Pistol".

And I say that because it has the minimum parts needed to effectively operate a pistol with minimal malfunctions in order to save your life. It's robust, reliable, and will generally fire all ammunition that is designated for that caliber out of that done. I have also say that there is a overabundance of aftermarket kits they can be found to facilitate all types of modifications for this gun.

So my question again is: "GLOCK what are you doing?"

If Gaston Glock was in my presence I would tell him: 


"You do not have to compete with everybody else in the market in order to stay relevant. Just focus on running your own race as you always have."

Out of the box I kinda like the shit [GLOCK Pistol] just the way it is for the most part. However outside of that, I'm a Gun-Fighter so for the sake of Fight-Efficiency™ me the first thing I modify on my GLOCK pistol is the trigger. There's nothing wrong with the trigger - I like the definitive "wall" that I can reach. The trigger does not have to be fixed (smoothed out) and or upgraded outside of my own personal preferences (trigger reduction). As a side note: even though the GLOCK Gen 5 doesn't come with them necessary; but I don't need to have fancy cuts in my slide the damn gun works fine just the way it is. There is absolutely no reason to smooth out or round out any edges on the slide. It works fine just the way it is.

Me personally as a professional, I don't need my gun to look pretty I just need three things when it comes to my gun:


  • That it's engineered properly

  • That it's cost-effective

  • That the damn thing works


That's it. I'm a gunfighter not a runway model.

 No need to make a video James Yeager covered it

Granted you guys smoothed out the front grip of the frame in order to facilitate grip. But when I'm firing my gun under the self-defense premise I'm not actually feeling the finger grooves. in fact I may not even feel the gun going off. So for me the fact that you smooth out the front grip of the firearm is totally irrelevant. Mobile over, I do not need a loaded chamber indicator.


As an Operator of this weapon system I should know the status of that weapon system. Although there is a an ambidextrous slide stop on this particular weapon system, I think it will be more pertinent to make the Slide Stop for the GLOCK Gen 5 able to be switched by the Operator. No need to make the Slide Stop fitted for both sides of the gun when it is not going to be use for both sides of the gun for the most part.

When it comes to the barrel of the GLOCK gen 5 I will personally go on record to say that there was nothing wrong with the original barrel. I've been carrying GLOCK for a very long time and I've never had an issue with the Barrel. I think the best notion that I can think of here would be: if it isn't broke don't fix it. As cliché as it sounds it definitely applies here. And the same train of logic would apply to the magazine well. I personally and professionally like the magazine well the way it is.

I think that James Yeager have a good video. However what I would disagree with him on this particular weapon system is when they came to the extended from a plate. I really don't care if the magazine has an extended floor plate. Why? Because the average person is not going to be in a long enough engagement for the situation of the extraction of the magazine to be snapped off the belt line to have to happen in the first place. Now CHARGING the weapon system is a different story.

 For the hell of it

Again I say do the math the average gun fight on the street is three to five seconds. The average amount of rounds fired rounds toward the bad guy is 4 to 6. Lastly, the average individual will not have time to fumble around trying to extract the magazine off the belt line because of The distance between them and the bad guy.

When he comes to the trigger, single stage trigger I say big deal. Nothing wrong with the original true. If GLOCK was going to add anything what should have been added to the package is the Ghost Connector. If you don't know what a  Ghost Connector is it is a small metal piece that fits in the chassis of the frame more specifically the housing of the trigger set up in order to reduce the weight of the trigger to roughly 3.5 pounds from 5.0/5.5 pounds.

Look, GLOCK makes a great pistol in fact it makes a perfect pistol. There is no reason to make a 5th Generation GLOCK at this particular point in time. It is my position that the GLOCK Generation 5 is a waste of "money". Hell, I would recommend instead of buying the 5th Generation GLOCK purchase a FNS™-9 or 40 by Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal (FN). That's another great fighting pistol. 


When I think of the GLOCK Gen 5 two words come to mind:


Conspicuous Consumption



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