So at this time I sincerely hope that by me taking the time out to provide supplemental videos regarding the trafficking of firearms from not only a national but from an international perspective that it allowed you some time to personally reflect on the issues that we face as Shooters, Gun-Fighters and Firearm Owners in the Gun Game.


Don't get me wrong it's all good to have fun shooting and doing whatever it is that you do with your firearm (I mean it's your firearm right). But at the same time, I wanted you to also examine other possible outcomes that occur within the Gun Game that may not be as enjoyable as you doing your thing with your gun. 


Of course, we know there are people out there that simply don't give a damn and will push to sell a firearm just to get a dollar no matter the ignorance of the PERSON buying the gun or who they hurt. I have said the following time and time again: 


"We are making way too many guns! We literally make more guns than we can shoot!" 


It should also be known that it is my position that we should start seeking ways in which we can eliminate excessive waste as far as the manufacturing and or the disposal of firearms. We simply cannot continue to make guns and turn a blind eye to the Blowback that will occur in the future. Remember, it is never wise to put profit over people. Besides we live on a planet of finite resources and nothing and I do mean nothing last forever.

Again I t is also my position that we can do better than this. The reason I say this is because I'm always hearing overzealous Gun Owners harp on the following two things: 


  • Personal Accountability

  • Personal Responsibility 


But I noticed these same people are either silent or simply nowhere to be found when we start talking about waste that stems from the unnecessary manufacture of firearms and the more often than not the often-unnecessary use of firearms that more often than not results in millions of unnecessary deaths around the globe. For some reason part of me thinks we can do better - even though something else in me tells me that we can't. Better yet we won't. This revelation has led me to wonder two things:  


Are we really self-destructive in nature?

And or

Are we really self-destructive by social conditioning?

These are the two main questions that stick out to me even more so than the others that are circulating through my mind as I write this. I can't stress this enough: WE HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THIS. I'm mean yeah, it's all good if THE UNITED STATES engages in the trafficking of guns into other countries with the intent on destabilizing them (which has been proven to be counterproductive).


But what happens if other countries do the same thing here to THE UNITED STATES that we do to them? What if Russia, Mexico or China decided to armed the G.D.'s, CRIPS, Blackstone's, Bloods, Vice Lords, B.D.'s, M.C.'s, MS-13, Latin Kings and any other street gangs out there in this country like we do to their neighboring countries? Did I mention that the Mexican Mafia is right next door?


Remember there are over 100,000 G.D.s in my city (CHICAGO) alone and that's not even counting the people that just want to be "down" so to speak - that's just ONE GANG. Real talk, if Larry Hoover gave the order today they [G.D.'s] could take that city tonight, they really could. Moreover, I could guarantee you one thing and two things for certain, there wouldn't be a damn thing the POLICE or Military could do about it. Let that sink in.

If we don’t stop what we are doing at this point it won't be long before the chickens come home to roost. I stand by it, I guarantee it.



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