He seems like a reasonable guy that I believe if he took the time out to contact me he could gain a good UNDERSTANDING on this subject matter.


I don’t how many times I have to say to say this. Start utilizing critical thinking skills. Once again, stop with the "what if's" and the "You’re going to get someone shot" or the "You’re going to get someone shot by the POLICE at a traffic stop." Look I have been providing quality Personal Protection Consultations for over 6 years going on 7 years. I have NEVER had any VODA Client not be satisfied with their Consultation and I have NEVER had a VODA Client be negatively impacted by anything that I have taught them - EVER. You know what's funny is all the people who say: "I’ve talked to a POLICE OFFICER and they said you're wrong" cannot prove me wrong.


I urge you to see the following article entitled: "ANALYSIS: THE DUMBEST POLICE OFFICER - EVER" in which I’m showing you via video in which I said:


"VODA Client: "When should I be doing all of this?""

” VODA: “Way before you stop that fucking car!”"


Again, this is why i stated that you must be organized and have all your crap together; as i specifically stated at 9:06 in the video referring to the glove compartment:


"When it comes to the passenger side of the vehicle make sure that it doesn’t have all that clutter and shit."


Watch the video below or click on the following link to read the article and watch the video at the 8:40 mark and start exercising critical thinking.

Again go to the 8:40 mark in the video 


or click the following link:


As far of when to CONTEST THE LAW I've already addresses that last year in the following video entitled: "VODA SPEAKS - RAW: MURDER, POLICE, SHOOTINGS, PROFILING, LAW " which was done off the cuff. Fast forward the video below to the 4:15 mark.

Lastly when I took a look at the video this guy made which was entitled "VODA Consulting Traffic STOP!" and then I look in" video description" box on this guy’s YouTube channel I saw the following:


"VODA Consulting produced what we consider to be dangerous information regarding a traffic stop with a firearm. Please talk to your local officials and see how they want you to handle it."


My question would be: "Who is "WE"?", but I digress.


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