Dumb ass of the week. If this guy is a POLICE OFFICER lord help us (and I'm an Atheist LOL). The reason I say that is because this video is a fine example of the piss poor investigative skills of many people in Law Enforcement. But then again, what do you expect when only 25 percent of all cases reported to POLICE OFFICERS get solved! This video is nothing more than a rollover of the decadence in "investigations". But through it all, let it be known I'm actually Law Enforcement friendly (hell they need all the help they can get shit)! 


Why do I say this “POLICE OFFICER” shows piss poor investigative skills? Because at roughly 8:40 in the original video prior to him reediting it I stated in reference to the question of when the Gun should be unloaded and placed on the dash:


VODA Client: "When should I be doing all of this?”


VODA: “Way before you stop that fucking car!”


And immediately I tell the clients that they need to keep their hands on the "10 and 2". And I go on to explain to the Clients that “You see the lights and the sounds so you know when you are going to get stopped - you can feel it.” That means that the lights and the sounds and the sinking feeling you get is your cue to get all your shit together before the car stops and the POLICE OFFICER gets out of his Cruiser.


The fact that this stupid ass POLICE OFFICER decided to reedited one of my classic videos to sway public opinion in this fashion shows how low these lames in the Gun Game would go to undermine all that I have achieved. But even more than that – if this POLICE OFFICER took the time out meticulously reedit a video that HE DOES NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE in order to reflect his hatred of another man.

The Video he reedited go to 8:40 to see what I'm talking about - like who would try to manipulate a firearm around a POLICE OFFICER during a traffic stop? Somethings should just be "Common Sense"


Moreover, I wonder if this POLICE OFFICER has engaged in OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE in the fact that maybe he has trumped up charges on someone or even worst planted and or removed evidence from a crime scene (TAMPERING)? With people like this you never know – I mean this POLICE OFFICER is in a position of PUBLIC TRUST and the fact that he choose to mislead the public by engaging in maliciously reediting an UNAUTHORIZED VIDEO to sway public opinion to cause harm or damage to a CITIZEN’S reputation is the corner stone of CORRUPTION.


But even more than that, this POLICE OFFICER has really shown a lapse of cognition. Why? Because he has no idea who knows me or not. I wonder if it ever came to his mind that anyone can be found via the World Wide Web? Maybe for him the video may be a harmless satire, but to some people of the Zoe Pound, Shower Posse, GD’s and MS-13 they may not see it that way (and everybody knows the Cartels don't fuck around).


What also makes this POLICE OFFICER stupid, but even more importantly reckless is that he could be placing his partner in unnecessary harm’s way. I mean people out here are crazy! Just saying - it’s a game of perception (that’s what they always tell me). But in any case, I’m washing my hands of this matter because this can become a situation in which the FBI gets involved.



With this POLICE OFFICER being as reckless as he is I’m wonder how in the world did he get past the psych-evaluation? I’m mean this is a requirement for most POLICE OFFICERS around the country now-a-days.


My recommendation would be for his department to take some kind of ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION ASAP as it is my professional position that this POLICE OFFICER is a LIABILITY to not only his fellow POLICE OFFICERS but to the general public (CONVICTS don't care who they hit in shootings). I mean I can’t believe that this POLICE OFFICER is actually out here engaging in reckless behavior that puts undue risk on his Department by publicly provoking people and possibly inciting people to do crazy things that in their head they may believe are right even though under the guise of the LAW they are not!


My second piece of advice is to stop making lame ass videos so you can get likes from other lame ass people out there about another man you don't know so you can gain attention and views! Hell you’re a grown ass man! Listen I don't mind you riding my coat tails just please do my laundry when I tell you to.


P.S. look Stick to writing speeding tickets and getting stuck cats out of trees. NEVER EVER, bring your goofy ass to investigations after roll call - EVER. NOT EVEN FOR DONUTS.


This is one Case Study that I'm not touching. I’m not into threatening people especially my Brothers and Sisters in Blue who do have sound minds and exercise good judgment. But this POLICE OFFICER is just stupid.



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