This guy called 1-800-Rat-on-a-G! He cannot be trusted!



Based upon new Intelligence, I have to really say that Samuel Hayes III of "Caliber Training Group" officially picked up the phone and called "1-800-Rat-on-a-G"! As a man I never experienced anything like this before. Bear in mind, I HAVE NEVER MET THIS MAN ONE DAY IN MY LIFE!  You know when I was coming up in the Chicago you got killed for this kind of shit. However, I guess the entire world change and left me in the past. So with that being said, by being in “The Age of Snitching For No Damn Good Reason” I guess that's acceptable. Remember, the NRA was NEVER looking for me and I always did my own thing, that’s right I mastered the art of minding my own business! It’s a very difficult thing to master with all the weapons of mass distraction that are going off now-a-days.


This is why I say African Americans such as Samuel Hayes III and organizations such as the National African American Gun Club are sell outs! Did you READ THAT EMAIL IN THE PICTURE! Its screams "BITCH!" and "I HOPE THE CAUCASIAN MALE WILL LIKE ME MORE." However, I want to ask a question:


“Since when is it OK for an African American or any other Minority for that matter to tear down another African American or Minority in hopes of gaining favor with Caucasian males?”



I mean the last time I checked it was Caucasian males that chained up Africans by the thousands, saw them as products, literally shipped and handled them overseas, sold them as products, raped and killed African American women, lynched African Americans in general, introduced narcotics into African American neighborhoods, and are today free to say "We're not hiring" as another way to say "Nigger". Again, I ask myself:


"Why would an African American like Samuel Hayes III seek to gain favor from people like this?"


The reason why is because it is my position Samuel Hayes III is a snitch for the NRA that has partnered with the National African American Gun Association which is no more than a front to bait African Americans into falling into the trap of exploitation set by the NRA. In doing so the NRA can make money off African American people and other Minorities of the Urban demographic. Why? Because the NRA is losing members right and left which is one of their main sources of income and also so the gun manufactures can sell more guns than what people have time to press the trigger for! This is nothing more than legal Racketeering (RICO) 101; I’m from Chicago, I know what Racketeering is hell we invented it!


Why is it Racketeering? As defined by Black’s Law Dictionary:


"An activity that is criminal and people subjected to a racket are usually deceived of their money. Methods used to get money or goods includes bribery, extortion and intimidation."


Has any member of the NRA ever gotten an itemized statement of where their dues went? Look at all the politicians that have been bought off by the NRA. The first thing the NRA said to my brother and President of the Urban Sharp Shooters when they called him over the phone was "What do you want?" in an immediate attempt to try t buy him off! When they got word people were burning their membership cards around the country. The extortion occurs when someone engages in intimidation or a false claim of right such as: "We are fighting to protect your 2nd Amendment Freedom". Ladies and gentleman I’m here to tell you in case you didn’t know: You don’t have any FREEDOM as you only legally have LIBERTIES.


But another question that comes to my mind is: "How much is the NRA paying these so called "black groups with white faces" to commit these kinds of atrocities that lead to wrapped thinking, self-hatred and extremely low-self-esteem in African-Americans and other minorities?"


It’s very disturbing because in works written by Thomas Strentz entitled “The Stockholm Syndrome: Law Enforcement Policy and Hostage Behavior,” and “The Stockholm Syndrome: Law Enforcement Policy and Ego Defenses of the Hostage,” he touched upon “the victim’s need to survive is stronger than his impulse to hate the person who has created the dilemma." And this is why most African American NRA instructors say:


"What are we going to do if we don’t have credentials by the NRA?"


When my brother and President of the Urban Sharp Shooters James Mckoy started the called for the movement of African Americans members and African American instructors to leave the NRA. Many did but many others could not! And it’s because many of them are suffering from the warped thinking, self-hatred and extremely low-self-esteem that is a result of not believing that they can do for themselves.


Yes, it is true in the case of Samuel Hayes III because he displays this same warped thinking, self-hatred and extremely low-self-esteem and thus he feels some kind a way about people like me. The fact that people like me are strong, resilient, and capable of Independent Thought. Meaning I know how to think instead of knowing what to think. I'm mean come on now, Samuel Hayes III has "ran to the white man" (LOL) to snitch on me for reason for other than personal gain then attempted to turn around to steal my shit (and other peoples shit - National African American Gun Association has also stole Urban Sharp Shooters shit as well).


Look familiar?


Wrapping things up, its time African Americans stop allowing such bitch behavior to fester especially when it comes to African American men! Secondly, if you still continue to do business with Samuel Hayes III and people like him after reading this article YOU are part of the problem. That's right W. Kamau Bell of CNN's United Shades of America you are now part of the problem because you were informed by people who knew of Samuel Hayes III was and his insensitivity towards the LGBTQ community after the Terrorist Attack/Hate Crime Massacre of people from the Club Pulse shooting in Orlando Miami Florida and you still gave him a platform.

If you are an African American and you persist in becoming a member with the "African American National Gun Association" you are part of the problem. And know I don’t hate this guy (I actually feel bad for him). I’m just a firm believer in:"Mind your business.""Don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you." Too easy. How you going enter a ring of Pit-Bulls and complain when they bite you? Victim mindset at its finest. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light. With that being said at this time I leave with parting words from my "main man 100 grand" Hell Rell - get'em!.



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