Now by now everyone knows I do not engage in slander and all the goofy crap people do online. But I’m an INDEPENDENT THINKER. And in being an INDEPENDENT THINKER – I have the tendency to call things how I see it. Many times when I speak with prominent people in the Gun Game they always ask me for advice. Not that I’m a “know-it-all” but, they count on me to be “FAIR AND BALANCED” - unlike FOX news LOL!


One of the things that I bring to their attention is that “everyone has an angle”. And since African Americans and Caucasians around this country have been burning their NRA memberships I have really been taking notice at the kinds of tactics that organizations such as the NRA and their affiliates tend to use in order to sway public opinion.


So since the NRA can't pick on Obama anymore with their bullshit propaganda campaign of “OBAMA IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS” (and there are a few things that I disagree with Obama on). The NRA and the gun manufactures have not been able to scare people into buying guns, hence gun sales have fell into a slump!


So what is the Gun Industry to do? Turn to other methods in order to artificially create a gun sell spike. That artificial manipulation I’m speaking of is what my Brother and President of the Urban Sharp Shooters James McKoy call the rise of the Urban Agenda. If you don't know what “The Urban Agenda” is click on the following link and read up on this phenomena of catering to African Americans in the Gun Game. You know the demographic that the NRA never really gave a damn about until it’s time to help vote politicians in Offices that accept the bribes and payoffs of the NRA so that the firearm manufactures in turn can then cash in on the manufacturing of more guns.



It’s really a slap in the fucking face to African Americans and anyone who lives in the urban demographic within the Gun Game. Now I don’t pay too much attention to things online because I stay focused on what I’m supposed to be doing; but I actually ran into this Antonia Okafor via Facebook as someone tagged me in a post and I saw this heifer make the following comment:


“The NRA is one of the greatest civil right organizations in the history of the world”


I'm looking at my phone like"


“Motherfucka since when?”


The irony is that the NRA fell silent on high profile shootings and key issues such as the Philando Castile shooting, even though we did not get the opportunity to actually see what transpired inside the car - we only saw the dash cam footage. And let's not forget the African American male Walter Scott who was fucking shot in the back in South Carolina. Again the NRA fell silent. Before that the NRA failed African Americans again with the "BLACK CODES" legislation which banned African American people in THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI from owning firearm of any kind. A direct quote from the "BLACK CODES" is as follows:


“No freedman…not in the military service of the United States government…shall keep or carry firearms of any kind.”


And even thought the NRA was created roughly 6 years after the BLACK CODES were passed they stood by silent, as African Americans were ravaged by it. Let that sink in.


Where was "one of the greatest civil right organizations in the history of the world" when African Americans had to eat, shit and piss in the back of restaurants; and forced to go to severely underfunded schools with anorexic budgets. The NRA fell silent when the Freedom Riders was getting jumped and damn near beat to death. In an interview with the last remaining few of the Freedom Riders they stated: "We didn't think we where going to make it back home".


Where was the NRA when POLICE at the time let dogs loose on African Americans, and the NRA stoodby and watched as Fire-Fighters sprayed the shit out of African Americans? The NRA fell silent on Apartheid in South Africa - that’s right no intervention, no talk of the Second Amendment. Why? Because the NRA didn't give a fuck.


Again in 2016 the NRA failed to come speak out against the bad shooting of yet another African American male Behavioral Therapist Charles Kinsey who was shot by Law Enforcement while he was laying on his motherfucking back with his hands in the fucking air! Don't take my word for it, see the video below.

Behavioral Therapist Charles Kinsey


Speaking of Law Enforcement, the NRA also remained silent on the training that they provide for Law Enforcement which is used by many POLICE agencies around the country to include the Military and how the personnel of these organizations simply cannot shoot. Where they are 80% on paper but have an 18% hit rate and 5% kill rate in real life. If POLICE and the Military was a business they would be out of business


Traveling back in time, the NRA failed to come to the aid of Martin Luther King's (Michael Lewis King) regarding the denial of his firearm permit to protect himself and his family from people that would cause him great bodily harm and would out right kill him if they had half the chance. But these people grotesquely stood against everything that the so-called “Founding Fathers” of this country stood for, and that was the "THE RIGHT FOR ALL MEN TO BE CREATED EQUAL", and even more importantly the right for people “TO BEAR ARMS TO DEFENSE THEMSELVES AGAINST TYRANNY”!


Speaking of the bullshit rhetoric from the NRA and its affiliates when it comes to tyranny, apparently Its OK to use your firearm to stand up against tyranny - but they chastise the Shooter when a POLICE OFFICER get shot by someone who was thinking they were fighting against what they perceive as tyranny because after all aren't POLICE OFFICER's apart of the Government? Let me state for the record I’m not ANTI-POLICE, but I'm ANTI-BULLSHIT! I love my Brothers and Sisters in BLUE - HOLD THAT THIN BLUE LINE!


And let’s not forget the "double speak" that often comes from the NRA. Isn't it funny that a conservative organization such as the NRA and it's affiliates who believe in less government fall silent when the current President Donald Trump sends in the Federal Government to Chicago (good luck finding the Federal Agents car) to curb violence despite the NRA message of “fight for your rights" and "refuse to be a victim" and their willingness “fight a tyrannical government” to the point of getting their guns taken from their "cold dead hands"?


The last thing I remember the NRA doing for African Americans in this country was successfully putting Gun Control Laws in place to stop Civil Rights Activist such as the Black Panthers in California during the 1960’s! The Black Panthers were fighting and some were actually dying for me and other African Americans around this country while the NRA was conspiring against them! Furthermore the Gun Control Measures that the NRA helped put in place are the reason California is fucked up to this day in terms of firearm ownership!

 But anyway all I really want to know is:


“How much did it cost the NRA to tap that ass?”


I say this because I the NRA has a history of buying people off. Whether it’s Major Toure with the “Black Lives Matter”, Colion Noir, or Phil from the National African American Gun Club (NAGGA). I'm just saying, how many other people do African Americans and other Minorities in this country have to lose in order to say enough is enough DAMN IT!


I for one and many other African Americans are tired of being used for the personal or strategic gain when it’s convenient for someone or for some organization only to be kicked out in the cold like some cluck on the West Side of Chicago with our social structure, mental hygiene, self-respect, self-confidence and integrity in shambles. While the people that the get used by organizations like the NRA can’t even go back to their neighborhoods because they are seen as “sell-outs”, buck dancing, bo-jingling, fried chicken eating, watermelon slicing, extra biscuit grabbing, jacklegged suckers who thought they were going to get a seat at the table only to be reminded that your just some nigga that’s a stepping stone in the grand scheme of things.


Many people are just tired of it. To organizations like the NRA just stop using people, stop with the fear mongering, stop sending people out into the public eye to represent and bait African Americans into falling for your bullshit.

My message to Antonia Okafor is: stop with the “NRA is fighting for your freedom to bear arms” shit. Because NO ONE HAS FREEDOM. YOU ONLY HAVE LIBERTIES which is why Law Enforcement can take away your LIBERTIES and the JUDGE/ADMINISTRATOR can SENTENCE your ass to be locked up. Secondly, I can’t help but wonder what the NRA and their affiliates will do with you when they get tired of tapping your ass. THIS GUN GAME IS A BUSINESS – you aren’t too far gone to see that. I don't care if your Democrat or a Republican (I don’t give a damn about either one of them) – get your head right.

This is why I don't do politics. Dinner Scene from 1970's classic Trick Baby"


As you stated on your website:


“Real Feminism is about empowerment and taking our safety in our own hands.”


Listen Feminism is what fucked up the African American Community starting in the 1960’s up until now. And we are living in the hell caused by it. Truth of the matter is during the 1960’s African American women didn't cry out for feminism like their Caucasian counterparts until they were pitched the idea of feminism by people that did not have their best interest in mind. And in so falling for it the African American community is now in shambles with broken families, confusion and self-hate.


Antonia Okafor get it together, for as soon as you do something your handlers don't like they will turn their backs on you.



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