Why am I better than many of the "Experts" within the Gun Game? Well, there are a couple of reasons. But before we get into that let us first define the word "crazy" as it is relevant to the not only the article at hand but to the "Experts" (whoever they are) within the Firearm Industry; better known as the Gun Game.

"Crazy" was once define to me as :

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Likewise these "Experts" within the Gun Game have been doing exactly what the definition of "crazy" is as defined as above which resulted in decades of shooting decadence. Moreover, when you have POLICE and MILITARY who together have an18% hit rate and a 5% kill rate (as brought to light by the Honorable Paul Castle) are allowed to maintain themselves as the industry standard, I for one say: SHAME. I'll put it to you like this: if shooting in the LAW-ENFORCEMENT and MILITARY was a business they will be out of business.


Not only because of their piss poor training standards but their track record of failing to meet the shooting standards that they themselves have created in the first place! Don't take my word or it; we all know about the officer that shot the guy who was working with an Autistic Client who was laying flat on the ground with his damn hands in the air. This man was shot and died because the OFFICER couldn't fucking shoot  (not that he even needed to shoot in the first place).


In all honesty, truth be told the CONVICT has a better hit rate than POLICE and MILITARY combined.

If this doesn't fit the above definition of crazy I don't know what does. However, yet and still this “Industry” shooting standard is upheld by the people over at the "step and fetch show" (blog site - TABLOID) known to you as "bearingarms.con" (and I do mean “.con”). Because they have been CONNING people for years by working with an industry of double standards and pushing the agenda of piss poor fantasy training that does not work in the streets against common CONVICTS.

I'm quite sure at this point within this article you're asking yourself the following questions:


"Why are they doing it?


I'll tell you why:

Because they are bending over and taking up the ass and swallowing to get a fucking check.

Meanwhile, VODA is working in overdrive going from Client to Client, city to city, literally house to house to give the people within the Gun Game what they need the most: REAL, RELEVANT, TRAINING.

And it is true I break the SAFETY RULES but not only can rules be broken which is a right guaranteed by my professional and academic freedom. But it is my position that these “firearm safety rules” is in affect acting as a paralyzing force in regards to the Shooters by OODA and MARS feedback loops.

Again, if you don't believe me go to the following address and you can understand why I break firearm safety rules from a scientific and neurological standpoint.



Remember: I do what I do based on Science and research. So this is nothing that I made up. What we are dealing with is millions of years of evolution in regards to the psychology, neurology and physiology of man.

It is very unfair in fact it is out right a cognitive bias to think that I am irresponsible when I am working with VODA Clients. Did you know that I am one of the only Firearm Educators in THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA (and there's not too many of us - but there's a whole lot of firearm instructor's) unlike me that requires all VODA Clients to take a battery of nine written test? Did you know that I am one of the few Firearm Educators in THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA that requires all VODA Clients to sign a legal contract for training? So the slanderous acquisition of me being irresponsible is pure foolish speculation at best in an attempt to discredit me and all the work I have done over the years.

In terms of the NRA credentials. Do you think it really matters to me that the NRA revoke my credentials because I took the stance to provide the most realistic training in NORTH CAROLINA? In short, hell no! Likewise, do you think the CONVICT cares that your a POLICE OFFICER? A single mother of three? A hard working guy with a 9-5? Hell no. Because that CONVICT will kill a POLICE OFFICE at his home where I come from. That CONVICT would rape a single mother of three where I come from. And that convict will conduct an armed robbery against the guy who's just trying to live his life with a 9-5 job! So get real.

I been on this earth a long time and I have yet to see a credential, certification, diploma or degree stop a bullet from blowing anyone's brains out. In fact if you ask a CONVICT what a restraining order is, they will say: "it's just a piece of paper." Understand this is not to put down anyone or my fellow OFFICERS - as I love you all.  But the time has come to call a spade a spade.

Two things:

  • I don't care about the industry's "best practices"

  • I will consider recognizing the industry"s best practices when they actually work 85% of the time because again the "best practices" of the industry fall short of working 20% of the time

When it comes to “mental retardation”. I couldn’t be that mental retarded if I have legally obtained and currently hold in my possession a valid North Carolina Conceal Carry Permit; which you have to go through a mental health screening in order to get!

 THE INDUSTRY DOUBLE STANDARD (but they are  upset with me)

"Bearingarms.con" stated:

"At a minimum, anyone who aims real firearms at people “to effectively take small steps to help rewire the client’s neurotransmitters thus, increasing the likelihood of survival” while claiming to be “more credible than the NRA AND POLICE COMBINED!” has some serious issues."

If that statement is true then The Israeli's who train like I do have mental health issues. The Russian Spetnaz who train like I do have mental health issues. If that is true then Rob Ski of AK-47 Operators Union has mental health issues.

Israeli 's use real guns just as I do -  THE INDUSTRY DOUBLE STANDARD

The article written by the lames at "bearingarms.con" is nothing more than slanderous material written by a bunch of keyboard warriors who have never done anything in life and who are still ass hurt that I predicted that mental health issues was a big grotesquely purposely overlooked pathology within the Gun Game and their boy Bob Owens owner of “bearingarms.con” verified my forecast by blowing his own brains outs because he has severe mental health issues and he should have NEVER owned a firearm!

Say what you like, love it it or let it alone; but I have been training people for 7 years in the Gun Game regarding Gun-Fighting for the personal protection of the Civilian Operator™ with "0" fatalities, "0" injuries with a great continued success. And what really pisses these people off is that I didn’t have to bend over and suck someone cock at the NRA or lick a gun manufacture ass to do it!

And so can you, and it starts by taking off the NRA training wheels and letting your balls or your titties hang.

I'm busy working on a special project for you guys. Stay turned.

Stay safe and remember M.A.R.S..



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