The NRA instructor shot himself




1.) The quality of being trusted and believed in.

Synonyms: trustworthiness, reliability, 

dependability, integrity

  • The quality of being convincing or believable.

  • "The book's anecdotes have scant regard for credibility"

Synonyms: plausibility, believability, tenability, 

probability, feasibility, likelihood, credence


So I hear this term from people alot. And what credibility boils down to is "believability".  Now I really don’t have an issue with people questioning and to some great extent even criticizing my philosophy and teaching methodology when it comes to firearms. And I for one can understand how some people may be taken back in regards to how I train.

"student shoots instructor on range"


But when people resort out of frustration and outright anger to post hominem attacks (attacking me and not disproving the premise) and ad homin attacks (attacking my character, motive, or ideas rather than attacking the substance of the argument at hand) against me to prove their case or justification against me and what I stand for in regards to firearm training, that’s where they lose all credibility.So looking at the above definition which is provided by Google, let us examine credibility as it relates to VODA.


He's still making videos


"The quality of being trusted and believed in."

Well every Client that I have had over the years has trusted me. See for me and VODA Clients, it’s not about the piece of paper or certificate of achievement. It’s about real world results. See when I show Clients where they may need assistance and or need to rethink their position that’s alone gives me credibility. Why? Because they can see with they own eye where they need to make adjustments in real time. For it they don’t they run the risk of getting seriously hurt or injured in the street if they failed to make the correct modification which comes through my training. 

Might still be working or retired


At that point it doesn’t matter what may be written in the book, if you lose your life in a car-jacking you lose your life. If you lose your self-dignity and self-worth during an act of rape you look that shit. If you lose your life during a store armed robbery you just lose your fucking life. What I’m tell you is that they is no "certification" for that. There is no piece of paper that you or anyone can cut that will make it OK that someone lost their life whether they are trained or not to say:


"See he got his NRA credentials revoked!"


Doesn’t mean that I don’t know what I’m doing (because I do more than you will ever know!). And it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m less effective (which I’m actually more effective than the NRA). It simply means that I have a different perspective than those at the NRA. And this is because while they sit in their offices all day, I’m actually in the streets. 

I simply don't know


What makes me creditable is that I’m both the good guy and the bad guy. I am the Armed Robbery suspect, and the Prior Service Military Personnel; but I am also the Prior Law Enforcement Officer. I have all three perspectives while in many cases the people at the NRA have NONE.


It’s not my job to convince you to train with me - in fact I don’t care if anyone ever does! I’m not losing out - shit I got the knowledge and I’m getting more day by day as it pertains to what I do. Most other people are playing catch up.! I think that this is what pisses them off even more! 



Furthermore, just because the NRA took back their credentials I would ask the following questions:


Does it mean I automatically forgot what a slide was?

Does it mean I automatically forgot what a Double action is as opposed to single action or double/single action?

Does it mean I automatically forgot Safety rules? (Because I’m challenging them)

Does it mean I automatically forgot how to grip, stand, and aim a weapon system?


And the answer in short in HELL NO!



Once you have knowledge you will ALWAYS have that knowledge unless you at some point develop some sort of mental illness that prevents you from doing so. Now when it comes to safety - no one has ever been shot in a VODA Session - it’s simply impossible for that to happen! So fear not for the safety of my Clients who are by the way either prior service, hunters, police, corrections, probation & parole, Executive protection or security). It is what it is.


I would also like to take the time out to address the fact that just because I did not take on a combat role in the Military doesn’t make me less creditable than someone who did. Because quite frankly, they are not always the best shooters either lol! And many are not what you think. How do I know? Because I'm Paratrooper that was stationed at Fort Bragg home of Special Forces. So I have seen more than then average person.


Credibility? I wonder how creditable the NRA instructor was that shot himself at NRA Headquarters. How creditable are the police officer that shot and killed a citizen at their citizen training academy. At least the Military isn’t like that - they will at least have the courtesy to shoot themselves.

Liar and NRA instructor


List of POLICE, Military or NRA instructors that shot themselves


But what's funny you will not see at least one report or video in which any of these dangerous and outright lost of life occurred in any VODA session. But as the NRA and POLICE they are full of them. I will not ride anyones coat tails, I will not dick-ride anyone. Hey I know I'm Unorthodox - I'm supposed to be - I have the power, knowledge, information, and balls to independently think - DO YOU?



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