SPECIFICS (according to their website)


100% Risk Free, Lifetime Warranty 

100% FREE Priority 3-day Shipping. Texas Company. Made In USA.


1. Includes: (1) 1 3/8" Crowfoot wrench for easy install , (1) Anti-slide plate,  (1)  Barrel nut, (2) Allen screws, (1)     Allen key, (1) VYPR 15" M-Lok rail

2. Handguard Material: T6-6061 Type III hard coat anodized aluminum

3. Gas Block: Works with low profile gas blocks

4. Compatibility: For use on AR-15 & M4 variants (223 & 556) *Modification is required to fit with

    billet uppers. 

5. Rail Weight: 10.15 ounces

6. Barrel Nut Weight: 1.40 ounces

7. Inside Diameter: 1.25"

8. Length: 15.0"

9. Color: Flat Black

10. M-Lok: Officially Licensed M-Lok From Magpul

11. Made In USA


Listen up! If you have been following me for a while you should know at least by now that I do not condone making unnecessary purchases - especially if it is overpriced like most products are in the Gun Game. So, this is why I’m taking the time out to make the product recommendation for all of those that own AR-15's (which I don’t particularly care for) that if you need a rail or accessories for your AR-15 you should be making your purchases from STNGR Industries. 

DIRECT SALES as it should be (bring back small/family businesses!)


That's right STNGR Industries and NO they are not paying for this. Great job for engaging in DIRECT SALES! Furthermore, their rails are made the just like any other rail but instead of overcharging you out the ass you forward you with the best possible price. Taken from their web page here is information on them:




STNGR (pronounced Stinger) is a small family run business based out of Allen, Texas. We started this company with a passion for guns and the outdoors, and a desire to provide Americans with affordable parts and gear that worked. 



With 6 kids, buying and upgrading guns would almost require us to take out a second mortgage on our house. Finding high quality yet affordable rifle accessories was a momentous task not for the feint of heart. 

After the hundredth time of buying a low cost part, only to find out it was out of spec or a cheap Chinese knock off, we had had enough. 


We began STNGR to provide Americans with rifle parts, gear, and accessories that they could trust at an affordable price. 

You shouldn't have to cross your fingers as to whether the item you bought for your rifle will work or not. You deserve the best, so why do other companies not think so?



Our guarantee is that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase or your money back. We know how hectic day to day life truly is, which is why we make it as easy as possible to get help when you need it. 

Whenever you send us an email or message, you can be certain that there is a real person on the other side ready to assist you. 

We love talking and interacting with people like you, and are always willing to chat. 

Thank you so much for taking precious time out of your day to be with us. We wish you the best and hope you have an amazing day!


-The Pages Family"

VERIFIED BUYER Eric Slaughter who said: "Slim, light, and well made. One of the best rails I have bought. Its budget friendly, but beats a lot of those high dollar rails in aesthetics!"


And for someone like me who supports small business because I was raised by entrepreneurs I am ALWAYS going to support small business / family business. Yes it is a bias on my part that I recognized which is not to be excused but I have support the people of either family owned and or small businesses that are making great products and great prices!


STNGR, keep up the great work and for the future if you are reading this can you make AK-47/AK-74 and H&K G3/PTR/CETME products in the future? I hope so.






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